Haus Galerii provides modern authors. Long-term contacts connect us with painters of the older generation, the renewers of the 60ies and also with quite young artists.
We are happy for the trust of artists, which has allowed us to get a vast survey of things happening in the local art world. We visit the studios of Jüri Arrak and Peeter Laurits, August Künnapu and Toomas Vint, Eda Lõhmus and Tõnis Vint.

The main emphasis of the gallery is on painting, but we also deal actively with different mixed techniques, graphical art, sculptures, even photography. In addition to our homepage, the permanent expositions of the galleries and the current exhibitions, we have vast contacts and therefore in case of interest please certainly contact the gallery. We are certain that in case in the Estonian art there exists an author or a piece of art, interesting You, we also find it for You.