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Mall Nukke

Sündinud / born 1964

Mall Nukke started as a “classical” graphic artist, but quickly moved on to collages in the wake of pop art, where she studied the phenomenon of pop culture that arrived in Estonia in the 1990s. Nukke's artistic touch is characterized by an ironic and playful approach to painting, collage and graphics. Her pallette is colorful, even flashy, bright and powerfully constructed.


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Mall Nukke -- 2018. Oil, canvas 70 x 70 cm (framed) price 3 500
Leiutada jalgratast?
Mall Nukke Leiutada jalgratast? 2011. Acrylic, collage, canvas 50 x 50 cm (not framed) price 1 300
Landscape With Shadows
Mall Nukke Landscape With Shadows 1991. Mixed media, cardboard 59.4 x 84.3 cm (not framed) price 3 500
Mall Nukke kollaažid + CD. Raamat
Mall Nukke Mall Nukke kollaažid + CD. Raamat 2009. (not framed) price 15
Autumn Landscape
Mall Nukke Autumn Landscape 1992. Mixed media, cardboard 59.3 x 84.3 cm (not framed) price 3 500
Tivoli with Forest Background
Mall Nukke Tivoli with Forest Background 1992. Mixed media, paper 59.2 x 84.4 cm (framed) price 3 500
Värviline Veneetsia I
Mall Nukke Värviline Veneetsia I 2019. oil, acrylic, canvas 20 x 20 cm (framed) price 350
Värviline Veneetsia II
Mall Nukke Värviline Veneetsia II 2019. oil, acrylic, canvas 20 x 20 cm (framed) price 350
Mall Nukke Õnnemängud 1998. mixed media 96 x 121 cm (framed) price 800
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