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Malle Leis

1940 - 2017

Painter and graphic artist Malle Leis (1940-2017) is so far the only Estonian whose works of art, two paintings, have been sold in the world's top auction house in Sotheby's. In 1958-1961 Leis studied at the Tartu Art School, in 1961 she entered the Estonian National Institute of Art majoring in metalworking, and in 1967 she graduated from the school as a stage designer. The artist was once a member of the legendary ANK '64 and from 1987 to 2003 she was a member of the English Flower Painters' Association. In 1984 Leis was awarded the Jaan Jensen Prize and in 2001 the Order of the White Star Class IV. Her works have been collected by the Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum and museums and private collectors in the USA, Russia, Hungary and Poland. In addition to Estonia Malle Leis' work has been exhibited in Finland, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia and Ireland. Leis' 1989 exhibition in Pennsylvania is the largest solo exhibition of an Estonian artist in the United States to date.


Malle Leis Rohelus 1967. mixed media lm 59 x 60 cm (framed)
Sada kimpu
Malle Leis Sada kimpu 1969. mixed media 60 x 60 cm (framed)
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