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Lembit Saarts

1924 - 2016

Painter Lembit Saarts strated his art studies in 1942 at the Art School of the Pallas Arts Association, graduated the school in 1944 and National Art Institute of Tartu in 1948. Johannes Võerahansu and Elmar Kits were his most influential teachers. In 1949, he was arrested with the charges of anti-Soviet activity and sent to a labor camp in Kazakhstan. He was allowed to return in 1956, made his exhibition debut in 1957 and he became a member of Estonian Artists’ Association in 1959. Saarts was also a member of „1960. aasta kunstirühmitis“*. He was highly skilled in many genres and techniques, including oil painting, watercolor, collage and drawing. In his lifetime, Saarts became a honorary member of Pallas Arts Association, received Order of the White Star (Fourth Class) in 2001, Ado Vabbe Art Prize in 2003 and Konrad Mägi Art Prize in 2004.


Home Garden
Lembit Saarts Home Garden 1957. Monotype Vm 38.8 x 28.6 cm (framed) price 1 300
Lembit Saarts Lunarium 1968. Watercolor, gouache on cardboard 63.5 x 50 cm (framed) price 1 400
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