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Mare Vint

1942 - 2020

Mare Vint is one of the most important graphic artist of the last decades. SH started with abstract gouache drawings as early as the late 1960s, but soon turned to graphics influenced by Japanese printmaking. Mare Vint's drawings are probably the most poetic and delicate in Estonian art history. In her works, Vint depicts some of the most sensitive symbols and moods. Her approach is characterized by a laconic and very clean pictorial language, where the author focuses on a few objects and allows them to speak in an empty image space. As a filigree artist, but even more so as an author who sharply perceives atmosphere, she is one of the few who convincingly shows us the depth of an image's aura.


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Two Streetlamps
Mare Vint Two Streetlamps 1972. indian ink lm 36 x 35 cm (framed) price 1 200
Countours and Silhouetts
Mare Vint Countours and Silhouetts 1989. Lithography lm 30.5 x 29 cm (not framed) price 400
Between Land and Sky I C
Mare Vint Between Land and Sky I C 1995. Colored lithograph Lm 61 x 61.2 cm (framed) price 1 300
Cities of the Past III
Mare Vint Cities of the Past III 2007. Serigraphy Km 63 x 63.2 cm (framed) price 3 000
Mare Vint Souvenir 1967. Ink, paper Lm 34.2 x 31.8 cm (framed) price 2 000
Palmse III
Mare Vint Palmse III 1986. Lithography km 39.9 x 39 cm (not framed) price 700
White City IV
Mare Vint White City IV 2015. Offset lithography 62.8 x 62.5 cm (not framed) price 1 200
Gate II
Mare Vint Gate II 1974. litography 36 x 35 cm (framed) price 1 000
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