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Ado Lill


Painter and printmaker Ado Lill (1932–2018) graduated from University of Tartu in 1957 as a lawyer, from 1951 to 1952, he was tutored by Allex Kütt at the preparation courses at State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR. Lill was an autodidact but rapidly became an important abstract painter nonetheless. He was also making prints. In 1995, he was awarded with Kristjan Raud Art Prize. Ado Lill’s art is contradictory: his painting style has boldness and roughness, sharp and powerful colors in stark contrasts, nevertheless, Lill’s themes are very gentle. Erotic nude drawing and painting, which Lill was the master of, call for certain softness and delicacy. Lill connected these two paths into a unique synthesis. Ado Lill’s works can be found in many museums’ collections


BEA I, 27/50
Ado Lill BEA I, 27/50 1989. Eau forte, aquatint plm 9.5 x 14.7 cm (not framed) price 250
Stories 30/30
Ado Lill Stories 30/30 1989. Eau forte, aquatint Plm 19.3 x 19.3 cm (not framed) price 250
Touch I
Ado Lill Touch I 1988. Aquatint Plm 16 x 9.6 cm (not framed) price 250
The Hammer and Sickle
Ado Lill The Hammer and Sickle 1989. eau forte plm 14 x 9 cm (not framed) price 130
Forms 9/30
Ado Lill Forms 9/30 1989. Aquatint plm 22.6 x 11.5 cm (not framed) price 250
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