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Leonhard Lapin

29.12.1947 Räpina

Leonhard Lapin graduated State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR as an architect. He then worked intensively on many fields, for example, as a literary worker and a lecturer both in Estonia and Helsinki Art University in Finland. He has created geometric, abstract and conceptual paintings, sculptures and installations. Lapin rose into prominence as a printmaker in the 1970s when his works attracted global attention and won many prizes from biennales outside of Estonia. “Naine-masin” is his most well-known series of prints, which depicts the mechanization of eroticism and the woman. Minimalism and geometry are also some key elements in his work as well as nuanced imagery, perfectionism and the artist’s own philosophy. Estonian avant-garde art and Lapin have become synonyms over time.


Fauna-masin V-A
Leonhard Lapin Fauna-masin V-A 1976-2019. silk screen print 15/40 21 x 21 cm (not framed) price 180
Loomine III
Leonhard Lapin Loomine III 1973. ink, gouache 40 x 39 cm (framed) price 3 000
Man-machine 10/50
Leonhard Lapin Man-machine 10/50 1976-2019. Serigraphy Km 14 x 13.3 cm (not framed) price 190
Leonhard Lapin Molotov-Ribbentrop 2007. serigraphy 73 x 48.5 cm (not framed) price 520
Naine-Masin II B
Leonhard Lapin Naine-Masin II B 1973-2003. serigraphy lm 19 x 19 cm (not framed) price 150
Protsess IX
Leonhard Lapin Protsess IX 1984. lithography km 42 x 40 cm (not framed) price 500
Rist XIB
Leonhard Lapin Rist XIB 1977-2019. serigraphy km 14 x 13.5 cm (not framed) price 170
Sisemaastik. 4
Leonhard Lapin Sisemaastik. 4 2018. mixed media 10.5 x 15 cm (not framed) price 50
Sisemaastik. 5
Leonhard Lapin Sisemaastik. 5 2011. acrylic, paper 10.5 x 15 cm (not framed) price 50
Sisemaastik. 6
Leonhard Lapin Sisemaastik. 6 2019. mixed media 10.5 x 15 cm (not framed) price 50
Sisemaastik. 8
Leonhard Lapin Sisemaastik. 8 2011. mixed media 10.5 x 15 cm (not framed) price 50
Sisemaastik. 9
Leonhard Lapin Sisemaastik. 9 2010. Acrylic, paper 10.5 x 14.8 cm (not framed) price 50
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