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Siim-Tanel Annus

Sündinud / born 1960

Siim-Tanel Annus’ artistic core is that of a seeker. He is known as a painter, performance artist and printmaker who wrote himself into art history in the 1980s with boundary-pushing performances. He attended Tõnis Vint studio from 1974 to 1978, then studied art history at University of Tartu in 1978–1984 and printmaking at State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR in 1989. His work has been exhibited all around the world, but the highlights have been representing Estonia at the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997 and earning a grand prix at the Nanjing International Art Festival in 2015.
With specific technical tools and his own being, Annus aims to touch the universe in his art. His pictures are worlds free of objects, the motifs on them hint at being inspired by nature. With all that, the artist refers to the connection between the human senses and the experience older than time, from which something gets derived subconsciously, that something being perhaps more real than anything palpable. The artist experiments with materials and colors, working with fingers rather than brushes. Textures create the initial, skeletally visible idea.



Birth: 4.01.1960, Tallinn, Eesti



1974-1978 in Tõnis Vint Studio

1978-1984 Tartu University, art history


1976 First participation in international exhibitions



2020 "Existence" St John Church, Tallinn, Estonia

2020 IGNITION in Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2019/2020 "The Transition: Performance 1987 and an Overview of the Oeuvre" Adamson-Eric Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2014 "In the beginning there was the World", Viimsi St Jacob's Church, Estonia

2013 Armenian Artist Union Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2012 "Towers to heavens", Paluküa Church in Hiiumaa, Estonia

2012 "Money and Poetry", Kuressaare Culture Center, Estonia

2012 "The Cross", St John's Church, Tallinn, Estonia

2011 Gallery Orton, Helsinki, Finland

2011 St Mary's Church, Rapla, Estonia

2010 Mare Balticum, Hamburg, Germany

2010/2011 "Estonian People" Tallinn-Tartu Highway, Estonia

2010 "Money and Poetry", Tallinn Art Hall

2010 Anja Es Künstlerei in der Alten Vogtei, Travemünde, Germany

2010 "Passion", St John Church, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 "Money and Poetry", Estonian Parliament, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 "Money and Poetry", Pärnu Art Hall, Estonia

2009 “Money and Poetry”, Retretti Art Centre, Punkaharju, Finland

2009 “My People”, Art Gallery Bank of Estonia

2008 Haapsalu Castle, Estonia

2008 Tarvastu St. Peter’s Church, Estonia

2008 The Glory of Growth, Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

2008 Viimsi St Jacob’s Church, Estonia

2007 “20 Years Later”,Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 Soloon Oma Ruum,Tallinn,Estonia

2006 “Genesis” Tartu Artist’s House Gallery, Estonia

2006 Nova Vita Clinic Viimsi, Estonia

2006 “Genesis” Embassy of Estonia, Berlin, Germany

2006 Rehabilitation Hospital Palanga, Lithuania

2006 ”Genesis” Klaipeda Art Hall, Lithuania

2005 “Twinpoles” Gallery Art Depoo, Tallinn, Estonia

2004 “Spheres” Viinistu Art Museum, Estonia

2004 “Towers to the Heavens” Gallery Haus, Tallinn, Estonia

2003 Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

2003 Gallery Haus, Tallinn, Estonia

2003 Eesti Põlevkivi Art Gallery, Jõhvi, Estonia

2002 Gallery Haus, Tallinn ,Estonia

2002 Culture Centre, Jõgeva, Estonia

2000 Gallery Wendelboe, Bergen, Norway

1999 Abraham David Christian and Siim-Tanel Annus, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1999 Gallery Sammas, Tallinn, Estonia

1997 47th International Biennale di Venezia, Italy.. Representing Estonia together with R. Kurvitz and J. Toomik

1997 Gallery Sammas, Tallinn, Estonia

1997 Gallery Vaal, Tallinn, Estonia

1996 Gallery Pelin, Helsinki, Finland

1995 Mältinranta Art Centre, Tampere, Finland

1994 Hotel Strand, Pärnu, Estonia

1993 “At the Beginning Was Darkness” Gallery Deco, Tallinn,  Estonia

1993 “Secret Lives” Gallery Deco, Tallinn, Estonia

1992 “Baltic Art auf Schloss Glücksburg”, Orangerie im Schlosspark, Germany

1991 Gallery P.U.N.K.T., Hamburg, Germany

1991 Gallery Pelin, Helsinki, Finland

1991 Gallery Art Norne, Hamamatsu, Japan

1991 Gallery Voyant, Shizuoka, Japan

1990 Pori Municipal Library, Finland

1989 Gallery Pelin, Helsinki, Finland

1986 Riga House of Sciences, Latvia

1983 Art Saloon, Tallinn, Estonia

1981 Gallery of the Academy of Sciences, Tallinn, Estonia

1980 Exhibition at Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

1979 Gallery of the Academy of Sciences, Tallinn, Estonia

1978 House of Architects, Vilnius, Lithuania



2018 "Path", Chaokuang Art Museum, Xiamen, China

2013 "Storm", Kalame R. Sagrits Museum, Karepa, Estonia

2012 "Silence", Kalame R. Sagrits Museum, Karepa, Estonia

2011 "Distress", Kalame R. Sagrits Museum, Karepa, Estonia

2010 "Decline", Kalame R. Sagrits Museum, Karepa, Estonia

2007 “20 Years Later” Mooni46A,Tallinn, Estonia

2005 "Twipoules", Gallery Art Depoo, Tallinn, Estonia

1997 47th Biennale di Venezia, Italy

1993 Eleonora Performance Festival, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1993 “Rationalized Eternity”,Vilnius Modern Art Centre, Lithuania

1992 “Baltic Art aus Schloss Glücksburg”, Germany

1992 “Baltic Art during the Brezhnev Era”,John B.Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1992 Europäische Kulturtage. Estland, Badischer Kunstverein, Germany

1992 Rauma Biennale Balticum 92, Rauma Art Museum, Finland

1992 “Forma Antropologica”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1991 Gallery P.U.N.K.T., Hamburg, Germany

1991 Gallery Pelin, Helsinki, Finland

1991 Fire Festival, hotel Mihoen, Shimizu, Japan

1991 Binationale USSR-Israel, Düsseldorf Art Hall, Germany

1991 “Ekoviisari”, Wäino Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku, Finland

1990 Oulu Municipal Theatre, Finland

1990 Gallery Katariina, Helsinki Festival, Finland

1990 Estonia in Espoo Festival, Finland

1990-88 “Structure and Metaphysics”

Lindköping Museum, Sweden

Gallery Nemo, Eckernförde, Germany

Helsingi Art Hall, Finland

Rovaniemi Art Hall, Finland

Pori Art Museum, Finland

1988 Vaasa Art Hall, Finland

1988 “The Casting of Gold 2”, Soviet Avantgarde Art Festival, Imatra, Finland

1988 “The Lord’s Supper for Half and A Million”, Free Forum Festival. Helsinki South Port. Finlandia Talo, Finland

1988 “The Casting of Gold 1”, Song Festival Ground, Tallinn, Estonia

1987 Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

1987 “Five Appearances of the King”(together with Jaak Arro), Kastna, Estonia

1987 “The Awakening of Art” (together with Jaak Arro), Tallinn, Estonia

1986 “The Kings Footprints”, Art Festival in Riga, Latvia

1982 “Towers to the Heavens”, Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

1981 “White Birds”, Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia

1980 Mooni 46A, Tallinn, Estonia



2018 HEIMAT: NOMADISM CITY in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

2018 ”Scala Cromatica”, Budapest, Hungary

2018, 2017, 2014, 2013, 2012 “Spring Exhibition” Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2014 The Baltic Way, Vilnius-Lithuania, Riga-Latvia, Pärnu-Estonia

2011 “Abstract”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2010 “Kunst aus Estland” Kunstverein Briseland, Germany

2010 “Convert”, The Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 “Confrontations", Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2008 “Liberty Square”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2008/2007 “Impact”, Foreign Art Museum, Riga, Latvia/Adamson Eric Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 “Estonian Landscape”, Tartu, Estonia

2007 “Art of Living” Tallinn Art hall, Estonia

2006 “Tähendusterikas linn”, Tartu Artists House, Estonia

2005 Tallinn-München, Aktsionsforum Praterinsel, München, Germany

2001 Estonian Art since 1990, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College,USA

2000 “From Venice to Helsinki”, Artpromotion Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1999 “Kunst Passagen aus Estland”, IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1999 “Den Ostseeraum Entdecken”, Landeshaus Kiel, Germany

1997 “Tallinn-Moscow 1956-1985”,Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1995 “Biotoopia”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1995 Gallery Sperl, Berlin, Germany

1995 “5 Künstler aus Tallinn”, Margarethenhof, Köningswinter-Ittlenbach,Germany

1994 “Korrespondenz”, Galerie am Pfaffenteich, Schwerin, Germany

1993 “Spirit of MAA", Helsinki Art Hall, Finland

1993 “Aujourd’hui les Baltes,de l’Ècole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

1993 “Rationalized Eternity”,Vilnius Modern Art Centre, Lithuania

1992 Gallery International Images, Sewicidey, Pennsylvania, USA

1992 “Baltic Art during Brezhnev Era”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1992 “Mythos und Abstraktion”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany

1991 “Ekoviisari”, Wäino Aaltonen Museum, Turku, Finland

1991 “Binational Israel-USSR”, Moscow CDH, USSR

the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Isreal

Düsseldorf Kunsthalle, Germany

1991 “Estonian Contemporary Graphic Art", La Louvre, Belgium

1991-89 “Structure and Metaphysics”, Stockholm Kulturhuset, Sweden

Kalmar Museum, Sweden

Boden Museum, Sweden

Lindköping Museum, Sweden

Stadtgalerie Sophienhof, Kiel, Germany

Rovaniemi Art Hall, Finland

Helsingi Art Hall, Finland

Pori Art Museum, Finland

1989 “6 Artists Group”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1989 “Hermeetria 22”, Art Saloon, Tallinn, Estonia

1978 “Geometrical Art”, Endla Theatre, Pärnu, Estonia

1977 “Black Square Group”, Tartu University Club, Estonia

1977 “Geometrical Graphic Art”, Art Saloon, Tallinn, Estonia

1977-76 “New Art from the Soviet Union”, Cornell University, USA

The Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art,USA

The Kiplinger Editors Building, USA

The Arts Club, Washington, USA

AAASS Convention St Louis, USA



2009-2017 Nord Art 17, 14, 13, 11, 09 Kunst in der Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2016 The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, China

2015 The 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing, China

2009 Saloon CDH 09, CDH Moscow, Russia

2007 13th Vilnius Painting Triennial, Dialogues,Vilnius Art Hall, Lithuania

2007 14th Tallinn Print Triennial, Political/Poetical, Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU)

1992 9th Tallinn Print Triennial, Printed Paper, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1992 10th Norwegian Print Triennale, Fredrikstad, Norway

1992 Art Cologne Internationaler Kunstmarkt, Germany

1991 Print Exhibition Miniature 6, Fredrikstad, Norway

1990, 1989 15th and 16th International Independente Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Japan

1989 8th Tallinn Print Triennal, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1989 9th Norwegian Print Triennale, Fredrikstad, Norway

1988 5th Biennale of European Graphic, Heidelberg, Germany

1987,1985 Experimental Art Exhibitions, Budapest, Hungary

1985 Tentoonstelling van Oost-Europese Kunstenaars, Rotterdam, Netherlands

1984 Mail Art Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary

1983 Audio/Mail Art Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

1983,1985,1987 “Petit format de Papier”, Cul-des-Sarts, Belgium

1983,1987,1989 Ljublijana Biennal of Graphic Art, Yugoslavia

1976,1980,1982,1984,1988 Rijeka Original Drawings Exhibition, Yugoslavia



Estonian Art Museum

Tartu Art Museum, Estonia

Estonian National Library

Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

Viinistu Art Museum, Estonia

Jõgeva art collection, Estonia

Pori Art Museum, Finland

HAM (Helsinki City Art Museum), Finland

Ateneum Art Museum, Finland

EMMA, Espoo, Finland

Atheneum Art Museum, Finland

Pori Art Museum, Finland

HAM (Helsinki City Art Museum) Finland

EMMA, Espoo, Finland

Jane Woorkees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Ludwig Museum- Forum für Internationale Kunst,Aachen, Germany

Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group, Nanjing, China

Estonian Bank

Swedbank, Estonia

Nordea Bank, Estonia

Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia

Estonian Public Broadasting, Estonia

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia

St. John Church, Estonia

St. Jacobs Church, Estonia

Järvamaa Vocational Education Center, Estonia

West Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia

Nova Vita Clinic, Estonia

Derling and Primus law firm, Estonia

Anne Kaldvee's Notary Office, Estonia

Estonian Telecom

KPMG Estonia

Swissotel Tallinn, Estonia



2015 GRAND PRIX of The 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing, China

2011 Kristjan Raua prize

2010 Sammas Gallery prize

2006 Linnaehitus AS art prize

1980 Rijeka Modern Art Museum award

1978 Artist Union Youth Section award

1977 Magazine ”Noorus" award

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