Mare Vint



1971. Ink, paper 37 x 36 cm (framed)
price 1 100
The artwork can be seen in Haus Gallery

Mare Vint "November"

November is not a very frequent title in Estonian art. The dark and muddy period has not offered much inspiration or if it has, then only in the key of melancholy and depression. Still, Mare Vint sees November absolutely otherwise. The room is under tension, but delicate. The extremely brilliant line adds to the fragility and depth. Vint does not interpret completely our understanding of darkness and mud, but this has also not been her aim. She brings out in a charming manner mysticism, mystery and the possible beauty. Very remarkable beauty.

Appearance in auctions

HAUS GALLERY XX ART AUCTION, 2007 spring. Contemporary Art ArtDepoo 05.04.2007-17.04.2007 starting price: 703 final price:

Appearance in exhibitions

2 Beginning SEB Gallery 18.08.2004-20.09.2004 price: 703

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