Aarne Miikmaa


Võrumaa maastik. 1938

Oil on canvas. 69 x 91 cm
price 5 816 (sold)

Aarne Miikmaa "Võrumaa maastik"

Aarne Miikmaa "Võrumaa maastik"

The education path of Aarne Miikmaa is a rare example of the Estonian art history, where an actively painting author has parrallelly studied art theory – related subjects. Miikmaa started his art studies already at the age of 14 at Ants Laikmaa, who in the first half of 1920ies was at his prime both as an author and a lecturer. After eight years of studies Miikmaa unexpectedly decided in the favour of philosophy and art history in the University of Tartu, but without burning the bridges. During mid-1930ies Miikmaa was again there, where he felt himselt the best – in “Pallas”, studying under the supervision of Addo Vabbe. An early death in the first days of 1942 did not let the creation of Miikmaa, who had graduated the school only four years earlier, become too extensive in numbers, because of what by today are most of all known his portraits.
Still, Miikmaa is one of the passers of the landscape painting traditions of the “Pallas” school of the 1930ies. His trips in Estonia to Mustvee, Taebla and elswhere resulted in several romantic-observing works, where in the foreground was not theoretical wisdom anymore, but landscape and its colours. Here does not exist any forced desire to organise the room otherwise and excessive colour shocks have been left out. Instead, Miikmaa concentrates on smooth transitions and a careful brush, a dedicated form vision and listening to the language of landscape.

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Farm in Panga Village in Saaremaa
Aarne Miikmaa
Farm in Panga Village in Saaremaa
1930s. Pastel, paper 35 x 40.5 cm (framed)
EARLIER ART CLASSICS - Saturday, May 14th 15:00 Haus Gallery 14.05.2022
2 300
Final price: 5 000
Aarne Miikmaa
1931. Pastel, paper, cardboard lm 27 x 21.8 cm (framed)
SPRING 2020 Haus Gallery 15.05.2020
1 200
Final price: 3 100
(sold)"> (sold)Kärdla võrgukuur
Aarne Miikmaa
Kärdla võrgukuur
1940. oil, canvas 83 x 99 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY'S AUTUMN AUCTION 2019 Haus Gallery 04.10.2019-31.10.2019
13 000
Final price: 23 600
(sold)"> (sold)Talvine taluvaade
Aarne Miikmaa
Talvine taluvaade
1930. pastel, paper on cardboard lm 23.2 x 31.2 cm (framed)
Haus Gallery's spring auction Haus Gallery 25.04.2019
1 300
Final price: 1 300
(sold)"> (sold)Maastik järvega
Aarne Miikmaa
Maastik järvega
1930. 48 x 65.7 cm (framed)
Haus Gallery's anniversary auction Haus Gallery 03.11.2017
1 400
Final price: 4 450
(sold)"> (sold)Sirelid
Aarne Miikmaa
1937. pastel on paper lm 63 x 48 cm (framed)
Haus Gallery 25.10.2013
1 500
Final price: 1 500
(sold)"> (sold)Seisev naisakt
Aarne Miikmaa
Seisev naisakt
1935. Pastel, paper Lm 94 x 54.4 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XX ART AUCTION, 2007 spring Old Masters Paintings Haus Gallery 15.04.2007-24.04.2007
2 493
Final price: 3 228
Istuv naisakt
Aarne Miikmaa
Istuv naisakt
undated. Coal, paper Lm 99.7 x 68.3 cm (not framed)
HAUS GALLERY XX ART AUCTION 2007 spring. Old Masters Graphics and Drawings Haus Gallery 15.04.2007-23.04.2007
1 726
Final price:
(sold)"> (sold)Võrumaa maastik
Aarne Miikmaa
Võrumaa maastik
1938. Oil on canvas 69 x 91 cm
HAUS GALLERY XVIth ART AUCTION, 2005 spring Haus Gallery 25.04.2005
3 068
Final price: 5 816
(sold)"> (sold)Talvemaastik
Aarne Miikmaa
1930. Oil on canvas 78 x 119 cm (not framed)
HAUS / XI AUCTION, 2002 autumn Haus Gallery 24.10.2002
2 620
Final price: 7 414

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