Paul Raud


Pargitee. 1910

oil, canvas, cardboard. 34.2 x 24.2 cm
price 2 173 (sold)

Paul Raud "Pargitee"

Paul Raud "Pargitee"

Paul Raud together with his twin brother Kristjan became one of the first Estonian artists, who were able to acquire a high professional level, at the same time not turning their back to the life in Estonia. “Pargitee” is an interesting example of Paul Raud’s rare creative heritage. The artist has got inspiration from different sources. Here can be detected immediate sense of nature and also personal memories, Art Nouveau-style of line and decorativeness, preceding art deco for fifteen years. Raud has brilliantly worked out even details. This is a painting that must be looked closely in order to see how the artist has created with tiny brush strikes colour combinations and contrasts that also start to work in the general plan. So, by his approach, Raud is already reminding abstractionists, as the motif seems to be chosen as neutral and insignificant as possible. Still, this work can only depict a footpath in a park, because only there one encounters such lights, trees’ shadows, views directed into the depth. Raud is here in his creational prime, in top form and he is obviously enjoying the nature.

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(sold)"> (sold)Pargitee
Paul Raud
1910. oil, canvas, cardboard 34.2 x 24.2 cm
HAUS GALLERY XXI ART AUCTION 2007 autumn Old Masters Paintings Haus Gallery 23.10.2007
2 173
Final price: 8 948

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