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Tarmo Roosimölder

Tarmo Roosimölder is a unique person and creator. The artist's meaningful silences in the paintings alternate with eloquent explanations of how he views the reality of life through his works. "Don't start talking to me here, or I'll talk about my pictures for too long," says Roosimölder, hanging up the artworks on the walls in Haus Gallery exhibition hall.


Haus Gallery

Jaanika Peerna
For Solace...

The exhibition "For Solace…" consists of a series of large-scale pigment print artworks created in 2020 and 2021 by Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna who is based in New York. The series was entitled "March Solace". These works have been completed in a technique unique to the author.


Haus Gallery

Uno Roosvalt
Only Paintings

The coastal landscape has been the main focus of Roosvalt's work since his studies. He draws his motifs from the harsh and crisp Nordic nature, choosing distant places as travel destinations in addition to the islands and coasts of Estonia. Roosvalt's work has precision and monumentality, (national) romance, and eternity. Of course, the artist's way of expression has changed somewhat over the years, but the clarity of the image, the serious, brisk, and committed relationship to what is depicted still remain decisive.