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Haus Gallery

Indrek Aava
Out of the Frame

New exhibition of paintings on the first floor gallery of Haus, where the artist has not only considered the subject matter of pictures but also their presentation via frames. How what surrounds the work of art also becomes art...


Haus Gallery

Jüri Mildeberg
"Rehepapp" AKA December

Original illustrations from the book "Rehepapp AKA November." 20 original works alongside a few tokens of fertility, protection, and whimsical magic will be displayed. The exhibition, open from December, is entitled as such taking inspiration from Andrus Kivirähk's creation - the book "Rehepapp AKA November."


Haus Gallery

Jaan Elken
Memory of the Place III

The exhibition „Memory of the Place III“ at Haus Gallery consists of a series of large and middle-scale paintings, in which muted colour schemes recreate powerful references to epic wastelands – whether volcanic plains in Island, rock and sand deserts of North America and and North Africa, or the abstract textures and silhouettes of metropols such as San Fransisco or New York. Yet, the emphasis on urban culture and its marks on walls, surfaces and spaces co-exist in Jaan Elken’s paintings together with more eternal rules. As a painter, he navigates an aesthetically disturbed world which aims to connect to the viewer from a more universal and global position.


Haus Gallery

Vano Allsalu
Of Nature

This is the artist in his well-known quality – Vano Allsalu’s work cannot leave anyone cold. The artist knows human nature. This is proven by his ability to find certain places in the viewer’s mind that generate unexpected, sometimes surprisingly intense feelings and vivid imageries.


Haus Gallery

Marko Mäetamm

Exhibited are original drawings, lithography and a painting from the beginning of the 1990s when Mäetamm was still completing his studies. It is exactly this style, and these works, which engrained Mäetamm into people’s memory as a vigorous and humorously selfish young artist, stepping onto the public art scene for the first time. As an artist, Mäetamm portrayed the changing world boldly, documenting its rebranding while being simultaneously its participant and observer.

In addition to the works that have become his trademark, the exhibition also features unique pieces which the artist has kept to himself until now.


Haus Gallery

Siim-Tanel Annus and Jaanika Peerna
Rerouted Flight

Siim-Tanel Annus' and Jaanika Peerna's creative works are similar in terms of relating to the meta-processes of nature. Whilst Jaanika's art explores energy and documents its traces, Siim in interested in cosmic and microscopic movements. Haus Gallery represents Siim-Tanel Annus and Jaanika Peerna at Tallinn Art Hall's spring exhibition this year. "Rerouted Flight", the two-artist exhibiton that opens at Haus Gallery brings fresh artworks from both artists into limelight, but their passions for nature have stayed the same.



August Künnapu

At this springy exhibition, it is August Künnapu's quality art as we know it. He has always been inspired by people and animals that feel joy, anticipation, have athletic energy, lust for life or who just have the oomph – those who seize the day.


Haus Gallery

Siim-Tanel Annus

Creativity comes naturally to Siim-Tanel Annus, being seemingly the only possible form of existence for him. ‘These days, process is the most important part to me. After all, making grand art or being a complex artist is not the real purpose. I enjoy the process of creating. When one work is done, I immediately begin another one as I want to experience that process, that energy, again,’ remarks Siim while drinking coffee at the gallery.


Haus Gallery

Alina Orav
Polyview Worlds

Alina Orav (born 1989) opens the door into a completely new world this month at Haus Gallery. The artist has developed her own personal technique, called the polyview painting, which is unique due to its ability to morph single plane images into three dimensional figures — all the viewer has to do is change their perspective. The artist’s works can be regarded as scientific experiments thanks to the use of optical devices. Traditionally, humans have viewed art through the lens given to us by nature, our eyes, but Orav uses objects like mirrors and magnifying glasses to present her paintings to the audience from various perspectives. The artist also experiments with picture dimensions, materials and textures and additionally, makes use of the room’s properties. The exhibition is designed as a multi sensory experience — the paintings may appear abstract at first but at a closer look, when analysed from different angles and through different optical devices, hidden figures appear. Each of these images form a conceptual whole which we invite the visitors to explore.


Haus Gallery

Jüri Mildeberg
Unicorn and Tutti-Frutti

What would Christmas be without surprises, gimmicks and magic? This December in Haus Gallery, Jüri Mildeberg kicks off the festive month with mystery. His boxes and paintings hide within them eccentric characters. Through these joyful creations, Mildeberg makes sure to offer all of us some long-awaited Christmas wonder.




Exhibition at Swedbank, Tallinn, Liivalaia 8: 10th and 11th floor. Opened to everyone on Thursdays at 15:00-17:00, from 27 December 2019 to 15 January 2020.

The exhibition is a collaboration with our long time partner Swedbank.