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Haus Gallery

Viktor Sinjukajev

Some exhibitions have a name like this here - "Retrospective," simply and clearly expressing the nature of the display without riddles, challenging metaphors, and large symbols. The retrospective that we are exhibiting now at Haus Gallery is a look back on the life of one artist, Viktor Sinjukajev, who is celebrating his 80th anniversary at Haus Gallery on September 9th.
What makes this event even more special is that Sinjukajev’s last large-scale exhibition was also organized at Haus Gallery 20 years ago when he celebrated his 60th anniversary with us.


Haus Gallery

Ivika Luisk

The newly opened summer exhibition at Maakri Kvartal (Maakri 19/21) displays a selection of works by Ivika Luisk. Her personal style - large formats, bold colours, clear and simple shapes - characterise the display selection and also the subject matter: humane warmth, balance with nature and inner harmony.


Haus Gallery

Sirje Petersen
Red String

Renowned artist Sirje Petersen primarily deals with human and humanity in her work. We can meet the reflections of a person's inner world in her paintings, where figure and color play an important role as a means of expression. By purifying the painting of extra details and adding perceptible nuances from personal experience, she achieves a multidimensionality in her work, almost to the extent of abstraction.


Haus Gallery

Vilen Künnapu
World-stopping Landscapes

20. January – 28. February 2021

Vilen Künnapu who is known as an architect and artist presents his new display of paintings on exhibition throughout the two floors of Haus Gallery from the 20th of January. Predominantly large-scale acrylic paintings have been created with a characteristic Künnapu-esque stylization and provocative use of colours. These are expressive works with a unique geometrical and symbolistic system that have consciously emphasized naivism, like a sign of the artist’s genuine and pure energy, happily spreading across the paintings.