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ArtDepoo 06.02.2010-06.03.2010


Contemporary Art Gallery ArtDepoo (Tallinn) is happy to announce: starting from February 6th until March 6th 2010 the gallery space and the web page runs a special program – big-time action-exhibition of 10 Latvian and Estonian artists WE ARE FINE, featuring an auction of artists’ personal belongings! Click on the artists's illustrations on the right, see what objects are on offer, read the story and make your bid by calling us on +372 666 1488!

The show is dedicated to topics like collectors’ fetishism, curatorial subjectivity and the ongoing economical crisis. The curator of the show is an artist, doctoral student and a lecturer of Art Academy of Latvia Andris Vitolinš (Latvia).

For artists it was possible to exhibit two projects. One - the object for sale, the object with the story, something they would like to share, something they don't need anymore or simply something they would like to talk about, and an illustration of this object, created in a characteristic artist's manner. Other - a free thematic with no restrictions, according to the curator's wish as free as possible.
As people tend to do, artists fulfilled these tasks individually, using different solutions. Some artists decided to unite both project. One sells his car, depicting it with a painting of his car engine (Vitolinš), the other paints sensual glimpses of one of the mornings in her childhood (Meldere), the third shows a mysterious sock (Marko Mäetamm, "Sock", object and a video from 2008, starting price of the sock is 1000 EUR!):

, etc.

In the gallery room you can see dozen objects (including food, sculptures, domestic items), video projection, digital images, drawings, huge and tiny paintings - among all of these 41 carefully chosen items there is definitely one to touch your right chord.

Exhibition influences all senses - visual, tactile, taste - awakening slight fetishism or even kleptomania and it is solemn in its diversity of experiences.

By Friday, February 19th objects will be sold. Exhibition reaches its climax and ArtDepoo will host a festive action lasting from 8–11 PM, which is going to consist of:

1.  handling of artists’ personal belongings to their new happy owners,
2.  performance by Interdisciplinary Art group SERDE (Aizpute, Latvia), so we can all taste their real moonshine, made right in front of our eyes,
3.  intensive musical show.

Dive deeper, explore and come to the gallery to touch, feel and see it!

We cordially thank our generous sponsors - Universal Import & Export and Absolut!

VAATA LISAKS: Marko Mäetamm

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(sold)Kõdupuu / The Log
Peeter Laurits
Kõdupuu / The Log
undated. Wood 100 x 20 cm (not framed)
price 192
(sold)Makett / Scale model
Vineta Kaulača
Makett / Scale model
2009-2010. Paper, glue 3 x ? cm (not framed)
Maalitud objekt / Painted object
Andris Eglitis
Maalitud objekt / Painted object
2009. Oil, canvas 40 x 35.5 cm (not framed)
price 576
Kinnine ümbrik, mille sees on kõva objekt / Envelope with a firm object inside
Maarit Murka
Kinnine ümbrik, mille sees on kõva objekt / Envelope with a firm object inside
2010. Envelope, firm object 20 x 27 cm (not framed)
Kassiema+Kassipoeg / Cat Mother + Kitten
August Künnapu
Kassiema+Kassipoeg / Cat Mother + Kitten
2010. 2 sculpture (not framed)
price 960
Kunstniku auto / Artists' car
Andris Vitolins
Kunstniku auto / Artists' car
1999. Second-hand car - Chrysler Grand Voyager (not framed)
Lapsepõlve hommik / Сhildhood Morning  - fragment
Inga Meldere
Lapsepõlve hommik / Сhildhood Morning - fragment
2010. Oil, canvas (not framed)
Lõik minu lemmikust õudufilmist / Fragment from my favorite horror movie
Sirli Hein
Lõik minu lemmikust õudufilmist / Fragment from my favorite horror movie "Fright Night II"
1988. DVD (not framed)
price 5
Kruus / The Cup
Daiga Kruze
Kruus / The Cup
2010. Tea cup (not framed)