571.t1.jpg Sergei Inkatov brought a gold medal from France

Dear art enthusiasts!

We are pleased to announce that Sergei Inkatov, a well-known artist at the Haus Gallery, who associated himself with Estonia more than 20 years ago, has earned a gold medal in the abstract art category at the international professional artist competition Prix International des Galeries et Choix Professionnels de l’art, in France! 

The winning work by the ambassador for Estonian art proved to be the oil painting Ocean's Legend (on the picture).

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566.t1.jpg Juhan Püttsepp. Memorial exhibition

A memorial exhibition dedicated to Juhan Püttsepp, one of the first students of the Pallas school, is set to open at Haus Gallery on Tuesday 27 March. Püttsepp began teaching art at the same time as he was studying it himself, making a name for himself as a respected teacher in the decades that followed. He gained wider fame as an artist thanks to his landscapes and figural compositions, which are valued for their warm colouring and expressiveness – and which can be admired in all their glory in this exhibition.

On the picture: Juhan Püttsepp. Evening. 1955 (private collection)

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553.t1.jpg Liis Koger and Kärt Hammer at Swedbank

Starting in November, a double exhibition of paintings by young artists Liis Koger and Kärt Hammer, curated by the Haus Gallery, will be on display in the private banking rooms of Swedbank’s headquarters. The abstract poetic style of the works functions cognitively rather than narratively, while at the same time the skill of both authors in the use of words is something that further complements their colourful artistic philosophy. 

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569.t1.jpg Haus Gallery's opening times during the holidays

Regarding to the Easter Holidays, Haus Gallery is opened as follows:

  • on Thursday, 29th of March - 10.00 - 15.00
  • on Friday, 30th of March - closed
  • on Saturday, 31st on March - closed
  • on Sunday, 1st of April - closed

On the picture: Leonhard Lapin. Jesus Christ Superstar. 2005

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563.t1.jpg Indrek Aava. Eyes Wide Shut

At 18.00 on Tuesday, 13 February, Indrek Aava’s second personal exhibition, Eyes Wide Shut, will open at Haus Gallery, in which expressive glances will be silenced and chained to the frames. 

On the picture: Indrek Aava. High on Clouds

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565.t1.jpg Haus Gallery's opening times during the holidays

Regarding to the 100th Anniversary of Estonian Republic, Haus Gallery is opened as follows:

  • on Friday, 23rd of February - 10.00-15.00
  • on Saturday, 24th of February - closed

Happy Independence Day!

On the picture: Mall Nukke. Still Life with Estonian Weather II. Vigala. 2017

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561.t1.jpg Maria Sidljarevitsh. The Soul of All Natural Things

Opening on Tuesday, 9 January at 18.00, at the Haus Gallery, is The Soul of All Natural Things, the personal exhibition by Maria Sidljarevitsh, in which the carrying motif is fairy-tale mixed with the absurd. 

On the picture: Maria Sidljarevitsh. Remember me. 2017

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550.t1.jpg Inspired by the history of painting

At 18.00 on Thursday, 9 November, the traditional exhibition of the Estonian Painters’ Association will open at Haus Gallery. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to art history and the anniversary of Haus Gallery. 

On the picture: Maarit Murka. Splashed. 2017

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556.t1.jpg Aleksei Shatunov. By the Sea

At 18.00 on Tuesday, 28 November, Aleksei Shatunov’s personal exhibition By the Sea, where the boundary between the shore and the water winds its way from the resorts of the Mediterranean to the limestone cliffs of Lasnamäe, will open in Haus Gallery.

On the picture: Aleksei Shatunov. Dubrovnik. 2017

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555.t1.jpg Gone with the Wind. From Barcelona to Haus Gallery

"After spending two years sniffing around Barcelona with Spot, I poked my nose in through the doors of the Haus Gallery and was greeted by Piia Ausman and a familiar grin: “Well, are you and Spot coming to work for me?”

I wasn’t left with a lot of room to think.

The road leading to this building has been a familiar one to me for many years, and even though being away for two years has smashed any sort of concept of Tallinn as a familiar place, my relationship with Haus hasn’t disintegrated over time.

And here we are – a warm, familiar nest where I can keep myself warm, away from the long forgotten grey and cold outside.

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548.t1.jpg Mauri Gross. Hypnosis

Mauri Gross’s exhibition Hypnosis will open in Haus Gallery at 18.00 on Tuesday, 24 October. Mauri Gross’s tool is fragmental oil paintings presenting a shift in position, with entry into the picture via the details and, in a good way, becoming stuck inside.

On the picture: Mauri Gross. Decent man with Peony. 2017

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549.t1.jpg Haus Gallery celebrates its 20-year anniversary - festive reception and auction on 3rd of November

Festive reception, anniversary auction and new online art project

Haus Gallery is celebrating its 20th year of operation. It’s the same age as the tradition of regular art auctions in Estonia, which were founded by Haus Gallery in 1997. For the gallery, the birthday is remarkable and deserves to be celebrated with beloved friends, artists and customers who have helped to enrich the artistic processes of the city.

The anniversary celebration of Haus gallery takes place on Friday, 3 November from 4 p.m. until 6.30 p.m. in the gallery rooms of Tallinn, Uus tn. 17. The day ends with a festive art auction hosted by Marko Reikop and starting at 7 p.m. Pre-registered buyers are welcome to the auction. You can also register immediately before the auction.

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545.t1.jpg Miljard Kilk. Reality – inside or outside?

An exhibition of the paintings of a distinguished Estonian hyperrealist, the uniquely original and highly cherished Miljard Kilk, is on display at Haus Gallery until October 21. The surrealistic figure compositions with mythological and religious undertones represent the artist’s creation over the last few years, providing an intimate insight into his inner world. Miljard Kilk’s present world appeals to both the viewer’s inner sense as well as their cognition of the outside world, suggesting there is no other reality but what we make ourselves.

On the picture: Miljard Kilk. Shepherd. 2016

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543.t1.jpg Young and old Venus. Sirje Runge and the early works of her contemporary female artists

The moment when Sirje Runge stepped into the world of art was, and still is, very meaningful, enchanting. The 60s were accompanied by a certain spirit of freedom, latent protest, hidden irony towards the ruling ethics, secretly planting deplored things into the art columns of such a world, a little bit of erotics, more geometry, a hint of romance and dreams, practically timeless and unpretentious things. Now, looking back at that time through the prism of art, which, in a word, maps the emotional history of mankind, we smile a bit because now we see those things that used to be hidden freely. 

On the picture: Malle Leis. Blue Bellflowers. 1967

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541.t1.jpg Young Venus vs Old Venus: Sirje Runge and her contemporaries

Sirje Runge’s personal exhibition Old Venus will open in Haus Gallery at 16.00 on Tuesday, 22 August. The exhibition will be accompanied by a display of works from the earlier creative period of female artists who are also contemporaries of Runge, under the common denominator Young Venus.

On the picture: Sirje Runge. Old Venus. 2017. Digital print (fragment)

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538.t1.jpg The appropriateness of modern art in a historic manor interior

Art has been an inseparable part of manor interiors. Due to their representative function, manor houses had to be luxuriously furnished. Manor lords displayed numerous works of artistic value, which had to convey the owner’s wealth and patronage. Walls were covered by paintings and interiors were overflowing with works. The portraits of forefathers and landscapes could be found inside of gold frames lavishly decorated with ornaments. The majority of the former grandeur has since disappeared. Despite that fact, manor ensembles have retained their dignity because of their historic heritage. 

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537.t1.jpg Landscapes of Estonian Manors. Art project by Haus Gallery, Mall Nukke and Corelli Music

An exhibition of paintings by Mall Nukke, titled Eesti Mõisamaastikud (Landscapes of Estonian Manors), will be open in the Lihula manor house from 5 July to 5 August, and is an innovative part of the legendary series of concerts titled Estonian Manors 2017. A tour of the manor will take place on 27 July at 17.00, an hour before the first concert is set to begin, in which the artist will provide an introduction to the exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be used to support the last venue to host the series of concerts, the Hummuli Manor School.

See the pictures in the catalogue or directly in the auction site.

On the picture: Mall Nukke. Still-life with Estonian Weather III, Lihula Manor. 

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531.t1.jpg Time of Celebration - exhibition full of life by Finnish naivists

On 20 June at 5 PM, the joint exhibition “Celebration Time” of the Finnish artists Raija Nokkala and Katja Mesikämmen will be opened at Haus Gallery. It is a symbolic way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland, the approaching Midsummer, life in general, and every single moment within it. The colourful and naivistic exhibition is supplemented by the topical installation of the Estonian artist Jüri Mildeberg.

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535.t1.jpg Shared world. The Baltic states in Europe, through the prism of art.

I honestly have to admit that the subject of the Baltic states has always been a source of intrigue and questions for me. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania!? A neighbourly and common part of the Baltic Sea. Geographical proximity, a market divided in many ways, branches and retail chains of the same companies in each of the country’s capitals. Joint discussions, possible shared economic and cultural platforms, parallel groups, and also some exhibitions. However, it seems that emotionally everyone stands on their own.

On the picture: Vilhelms Purvitis. Bloom

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534.t1.jpg Venice Biennial – living myth

In the world of contemporary art, the Venice Biennial is one keyword that everyone knows. Representation at the Biennial is a kind of national duty and opportunity, just like the Olympics or Eurovision. It is a landmark, used to measure the maturity and status of the artist and the country he/she represents.

On the picture: Damien Hirst. The Fate of A Banished Man

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525.t1.jpg Art in restaurants

Art and taverns have in some ways been linked throughout the centuries. Taverns, restaurants and cafés are places for communication, places for meeting up, places that create an atmosphere where many artists, writers and musicians have stood for their principles, let their ideas fly, and found people who think the same way.

On the picture: Sketch London W1

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526.t1.jpg Haus Gallery at ArtVilnius ´17

Okapi Gallery, Haus Gallery, the Estonian Union of Photography Artists and Noar, a web platform for contemporary art, are participating in ArtVilnius, taking place from June 8th to June 11th, 2017.

On the picture: Maarit Murka. Mindroom IX. 2017

Press release by: Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center


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523.t1.jpg August Künnapu. Assortii / Babylon

On Tuesday, 9 May at 18 the exhibition „Assortii / Babylon by August Künnapu will be opened at Haus Gallery. It has a springly fresh taste that consists of colorful characters, both animals and humans.

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521.t1.jpg Seven different moments of spring with Meru

A month ago, Marko Mäetamm, inspired by Yulian Semyonov, drew a comic on the topic of "Seventeen Moments of Spring", one moment amongst others being "the shooting in London". One can fortunately say that the capital of the UK offers different moments as well – moments in the midst of art. While one has to escape from the bullets, then art is often something, which, in spite of escaping, blossoms vernally.

On the picture: Meriliis Rinne in her studio, in London. Photo: David McConaghy

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