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Kiwa "Kaleidoscope" in Swedbank main office


Haus Gallery presents: Kiwa's "Kaleidoscope" in Swedbank main office (Liivalaia 8, Tallinn)

The new coloured versions of the previous black and white series are unique copies of legendary motifs which have been inspired by, amongst other things, the graphic poetry of Raul Meel and the colour training of Aili Vint. The result is summarised by a kaleidoscopic mystery in which mirror and colour pieces are exiting from the symmetrical and regular frames to the other side of the acute angle, straight lines and turns, decomposing into the peaceful embrace of the blinding light's quiet wavelength.

Shapes have been achieved by finding new worlds on the micro level of existing patterns. In the absence of a person, shapes will appear to the anonymous patterns, information flows turn into liquid fractals and nourish their rationally thinking mind with a clean perception level. Psychedelia as a technological move, makes the viewer's pattern recognition a hallucinatory experience. By analysing the relationships between text, consciousness and perception, conditions are created in which a picture expresses something more than its usage value. For Kiwa, a text is like a picture and a picture is like soundless music.

Kiwa is a multi-output meta artist, one of the most prominent pioneers of Estonian experimental art since the 1990s. He has participated in more than four hundred exhibitions across the world, including Moderna Museet (Malmo, Sweden), Tate Modern (London, UK), Stedelijk (Amsterdam, Holland), the Kitchen (NYC, US); curator and experimental publisher. His creation functions as an intertextual study of socio-symbolic significance creation and on the different levels of cultural codes. Since 2014, he has been working under the name ;paranoia publishing group ltd in cooperation with others, by blurring the author, curator, producer etc. roles.

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