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Maria Sidljarevitsh. The Soul of All Natural Things


Opening on Tuesday, 9 January at 18.00, at the Haus Gallery, is The Soul of All Natural Things, the personal exhibition by Maria Sidljarevitsh, in which the carrying motif is fairy-tale mixed with the absurd. 

On the picture: Maria Sidljarevitsh. Remember me. 2017

The development of this carrying motif predates the others, appearing only after the completion of the works. The author knowingly gave up on searching for and creating a concept for the exhibition, turning off her brain and turning on her hand, thereby allowing what is hidden in her soul to be brought forth. The result was something akin to a fairy-tale, where bewitching thickets and ghostly apparitions are seen alongside enchanted forests and long-haired princesses, everything piled together under an endless starry sky.

‘These are places where I would like to go myself, not in my fantasies, but in reality', says the artist herself about the images that developed in her mind’s eye and deep in her heart. To her, a fairy-tale is not a beautiful picture book, where one escapes to dream, but instead a metaphor – the fairy-tale is life itself, if you see it that way.

On the technical side, the new method entails the use of markers, in the case of which the overlaps that occur in the colouring of surfaces create new transitions and layers. The author is sympathetic to the created symbiosis, bringing together incompatible techniques and means, dislocating the understanding of harmony and creating a different kind of whole through the breaking.

In the same way her works together have themes, which in reality are incompatible with each other, the result is something unexpected, something we are not ready for and no one really knows what to do with. In this way she passes through different dimensions. What is real, what is not? Is reality independent and objective or is it one's own perception? When do dreams begin and where does the waking world end? These are big and at the same time trivial-sounding questions, which at the moment they are presented are directly cancelled out, but continue to boil within.

Maria Sidljarevitsh (1982) earned her Master’s level degree in painting from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014. She has appeared at personal exhibitions in Estonia, as well as Russia, while also participating in a number of group exhibitions. Sidljarevitš is a member of the Estonian Painters’ Association and has served as the Chairman of the Estonian Painters’ Association since 2015.

Exhibition The Soul of All Natural Things will remain open at the Haus Gallery until 10 February. 

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