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Toomas Vint. Other Windows


2 May – 2 June 2019

At 17.00 on Thursday, 2 May, Haus Gallery will be opening the jubilee exhibition of Toomas Vint, a famous painter and writer. The artist celebrated his 75th birthday on 5 March. He has been awarded several creative awards – including the Order of the White Star, 3rd Class in 2012. The artist’s works can be found in famous museums and private collections all over the world. 

The exhibition in Haus Gallery will remain open until 2 June.  The entire upper floor of the gallery, all 360 degrees, has been covered with horizons that end in greenery. A total of 24 paintings from Toomas Vint’s latest works are on display, completed during the period 2016–2019. 


The exhibition ‘Other Windows’ talks about the opportunity to stop and experience the perfect view from the painting windows into the depths of metaphysical landscapes. You could ask what kind of feelings Toomas Vint’s paintings primarily evoke and whether these are simply landscapes, the arrangement of which is clear and understandable. Certainly not. Vint’s paintings are concepts that handle the illusion of pure untouchable natural space. Indisputably, nature plays a crucial role in the artist’s creative works, by inspiring with its motives but also hiding something much more. Glances at Vint’s works feel like moments after something very important has been achieved. Stopping within the satisfaction earned, where one’s achievements could be viewed as a window, behind which an expansive ideal landscape extends. 

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