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The authenticity of the pieces of art is certified by official documents. Any concerns about authenticity or the technical condition of works can be sent to Haus Gallery within 5 days after the auction.


The selected works will be displayed at Haus Gallery for two to three weeks prior to the auction. Pre-purchase consultations and additional information can be provided.


In order to guarantee the safety of the participants and the confidentiality of personal data it is recommended to register to the auction two weeks prior to the auction.

A registration form can be filled in at Haus Gallery, but also online or by phone. Every participant will receive a designated number for bidding.

In order to avoid overcrowding and chance encounters, a participation fee will be collected from each participant. This fee includes admittance to the auction and a high quality catalogue.


Bidding is opened chronologically according to the list of works in the catalogue. The bids are followed by the auctioneer, who calls out the initial price and the final price and solves all bidding-related questions during the auctions.

The buyer gives a sign of his bidding at the auction by lifting the bidding number. Price step at the auction is 25 euros, if the price is higher than 2 000 euros, then the price step is 50 euros and from 5000, the price step is 100 euros. In case a participant wants to make a bid for a bigger sum that the previously mentioned price step enables him to, he says out his bid while lifting the number, but the bid must not exceed 300 euros. Bidding is done in full hundreds. In addition to the hammer price the buyer is obliged to pay buyers premium (7% from the final bidding). The final bidding is registered by auction secretaries.


For the pieces of art, having been purchased from the auction, can be paid either in cash, by a transfer or with a bank card. Every buyer is issued an according contractual invoice from the auction secretariat. For the auction works must be paid within 5 days after the auction date.

In case of paying in cash or with a card the buyer receives the painting immediately after executing the payment. In case of paying by a transfer the buyer must present upon the receipt of the work copy of the payment order. The buyer pays for the painting the final price that was announced at the auction, to which are not attached additional taxes.

Additional information can be received from the Haus Gallery at Uus Street 17, and on telephones (+372) 6 419 471, 52 77 334.