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Mari Roosvalt

S√ľndinud / Born 1945

Mari Roosvalt was born in 1945 in Tallinn into a family of artists. In 1969, she graduated State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR as a painter, in 1970, she made her exhibition debut. Roosvalt is a member of Estonian Artists' Association (honorary member since 2015), a member of Estonian Watercolour Society and a board memeber of Estonian Painters Association. In addition to her freelance work, she has worked as a teacher in high schools, in Tallinn University, and of course, at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Roosvalt’s works reflect the nature of the artist – constant attempt to capture one’s feelings, surrounding world and its effect on the artist through signs and colours. The artist joins the world and painting as a single unit through colour plays, she has been strongly affected and inspired by many trips. The artist has put the strange lands and exotic nature to the canvas as a vision. Every new place and environment enlarges the field of view of the human soul and their understanding of the world, by increasing the measurements of the latter.

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