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Maarit Murka

S√ľndinud / Born 1981

Maarit Murka is one of the key representatives of the hyper-realistic style of Estonian comtemporary art. Keenly interested in social and historical circumstances, she depicts ordinary people and everyday situations, accentuating them with a social edge, emphasising all this in the technical games of her paintings by combining different contemporary materials. Her series “MindRoom” represents the synergy of the artist and the room, a mark of the massive (sub)conscious impact of the surrounding space on both the artist and their art. This is a story of the tension of thought in a seemingly empty world.


2009- … Baltic Film and Media School screenplay MA
2004- 2006 Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki painting MA
2000- 2004 Estonian Academy of Arts painting BA
1997- 2000 Old Town Educational College art department

2007 Estonian Artists Association
2007 Estonian Painters Association
2005 Estonian Authors` Society

2017 “Kontekstiväline/ out of context” Artdepoo Gallery Tallinn Estonia
2017 “Mindroom” ARTag Gallery Helsinki Finland
2015 “Contents” Vaal Gallery Tallinn Estonia
2015 “Repetition” Fahle Gallery Tallinn Estonia
2014 “Short Art Film Based on a True Story” Gostiny Dvor Moscow Russia
2014 “Kontakt” Tartu Art HouseTartu Estonia
2013 “Nobject” Vaal Gallery Tallinn Estonia
2013 “Mission” Estonian Parliament Gallery Tallinn Estonia
2013 “Eclectic captures” Estonian House Gallery Stockholm Sweden
2013 “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki
2010 “Dark Land” Hobusepea Gallery Tallinn
2010 “Hairpower” Gallery 21 Riga Latvia
2010 “Hairpower” Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki
2010 “Hairpower” Bottega Gallery Kiev Ukraine
2010 “Hairpower” Y Gallery Minsk Belarus
2010 “Hairpower” Vaal Gallery Tallinn
2009 “0.43” ArtDepoo and SooSoo Gallery Tallinn
2009 “0.43” Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki Finland
2008 “I´m an artist from post-soviet country?” Nobilis space Paris France
2007 “ART+POLITICS=POWER” ArtDepoo Gallery Tallinn
2007 “STALKER” City Gallery Tallinn
2007 “Fotofobia” Patarei prison Tallinn
2007 “The new beginning” Draakon Gallery Tallinn
2006 “Wake up!” ArtDepoo Tallinn
2005 “The truth is out there” Vaal Gallery Tallinn
2003 “Estonian boy. Estonian girl” (with Tõnis Saadoja) Vaal Gallery Tallinn

2017 “Surface video project” Muratcentoventidue Bari Italy
2017 “Body language. Works from Tartu Art Musem” Tartu Art Museum Estonia
2017 “Right now/ Just nüüd” The Museum of New Art Pärnu Estonia
2016 “White water” Haus Gallery Tallinn
2016 “1091” Vaal Gallery Tallinn
2016 “NordArt 2016” Nord Art Rendsburg Germany
2016 “Cold look. Variations of Hyperrealism in Estonian Art” KUMU Art Museum Estonia
2016 ” Changeing and unchangeable” The Museum of New Art Pärnu Estonia
2014 “Horror stories” Haapsalu City Gallery Estonia
2014 “Valge maika” Tartu Art Museum Estonia
2013 “Interactions” AQB Budafok Budapest Hungary
2013 “XV Vilnius Painting Triennial “Painting contexts“ ” Contemporary Art Center Vilnius Lithuania
2013 “100×100=900” Magmart festival, 100 video artists to tell a century, Rome, Italy
2012 “Art in Mind” The Brick Lane Gallery London UK
2012 “48H CRONO” La Friche la Belle de Mai Marseille France

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