Martin Taevere


Varakevadine maastik. 1920

Oil, cardboard. 49 x 60 cm
Starting price 895 (sold)

Martin Taevere "Varakevadine maastik"

Martin Taevere was an artist, who also had worked as a parish clerk of an orthodox church and as a state judge. He is rather regarded as an amateur artist, even though he had studied iconography in Riga. His creation was greatly influenced by Konrad Mägi, who spent the restless summers of the years 1916 and 1917 at Taevere's place in Kasaritsa, Võrumaa. Just there became Mägi's colour handling more gloomy and depressive and such style was also implemented by Taevere. If usually early spring is associated with optimistic resurrection and new beginnings, then Taevere's work shows also stillness and stagnation, twilight and flowing of a river, a line between end and beginning. A thin red strip of sunset that cuts the tree, which stands in the river bend blends unopposingly into the surrounding still-life.

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(sold)"> (sold)Varakevadine maastik
Martin Taevere
Varakevadine maastik
1920. Oil, cardboard 49 x 60 cm
HAUS / XI AUCTION, 2002 autumn Haus Gallery 24.10.2002
Final price: 895

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