Sigrid Uiga


Metsatöölised. 1962

Oil on canvas. 68 x 62 cm
price 1 662

Sigrid Uiga "Metsatöölised"

The painting career of Sigrid Uiga started in 1942 in Tallinn School of Figurative and Applied Arts, soon continuing in “Pallas” and after re-structuring of the school in Tartu State Art Institute. After the war Uiga continued her studies in Tallinn, graduating from the ESAI in 1951. The figural compositions from the following decade brought Uiga fame and recognition that soon gave her the possibility to take up work as a teacher of painting.
“Metsatöölised” reflects the best known part of the creation of Sigrid Uiga. Having been made in the 1960ies, the atmosphere reflects the sense of freedom that was characteristic to the whole decade. The work theme that had been obligatory a couple of years earlier, has here become a pretext for painting people. Instead of glorifying with pathos, we see a free, direct and sincere approach, where of importance is solving of painting-related problems and depiction of unconcealed optimism.

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Standing Nude
Sigrid Uiga
Standing Nude
1956. Oil, canvas 43.5 x 26.5 cm (framed)
EARLIER ART CLASSICS - Saturday, May 14th 15:00 Haus Gallery 14.05.2022
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In the Evening
Sigrid Uiga
In the Evening
1953. Oil, canvas 63 x 74.2 cm (framed)
1 400
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(sold)"> (sold)Noorukid
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1967. oil on canvas 89 x 67.5 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XVIII AUCTION autumn Haus Gallery 08.10.2015-30.11.1999
1 900
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(sold)"> (sold)Saaremaa
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1969. Oil, cardboard 50 x 69 cm
HAUS GALLRY XIX ART AUCTION, 2006 autumn. Old Masters Painting Haus Gallery 24.10.2006
1 214
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(sold)"> (sold)Pirita
Sigrid Uiga
1960-1965. Oil, canvas 67 x 80 cm
HAUS GALLRY XIX ART AUCTION, 2006 autumn. Old Masters Painting Haus Gallery 24.10.2006
1 470
Final price: 1 470
Sigrid Uiga
1962. Oil on canvas 68 x 62 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIIIth ART AUCTION 2003 autumn Haus Gallery 23.10.2003
1 662
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(sold)"> (sold)Kaarna järv II
Sigrid Uiga
Kaarna järv II
2004. watercolor vm 46.5 x 70.5 cm (not framed)
Haus Gallery 03.07.2007-10.08.2007
price: 671