Ants Vomm


Lõvi. 1970

Coloured chalk. Lm. 43 x 30 cm
Starting price 384 (sold)

Ants Vomm "Lõvi"

It is of course Eduard Wiiralt, who has left the deepest footprint into the Estonian drawing tradition at depicting of felines. Even though the handling manner of Ants Vomm is completely different, more generalising, larger, wider, we can see also here, how the artist has in the first range been enchanted by the majestic, elegantly arrogant posture of the lion. It is the glance which matters most to Vomm: leaving the majority of the picture empty, the viewer’s attention is concentrated on the lion, its posture and glance.

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(sold)"> (sold)Lõvi
Ants Vomm
1970. Coloured chalk Lm. 43 x 30 cm
HAUS GALLERY XVIII ART AUCTION, 2006 spring. Old Masters Graphics and Drawing Haus Gallery 20.04.2006
Final price: 383

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