Sigrid Uiga


Pirita. 1960-1965

Oil, canvas. 67 x 80 cm
price 1 471 (sold)

Sigrid Uiga "Pirita"

Sigrid Uiga’s “Pirita” has been carried by the spirit of the period. Most probably many people remember the 1960ies by such colours and motifs – also the ones, who had not even been born then. Young people are hustling enthusiastically around at sea, preparing an active vacation.

Clean and joyful colour surfaces emphasize even more the optimism and variety concert merriment, reflecting from the whole painting. In addition to the mood, Uiga seems to have been deeply interested in the composition, where by the means of landscapes is created an original rhythm on the painting surface.

These were the works of that period, which had to be painted in order to become an artist. Obviously the young artist has done it with pleasure and joy, being sure of her skills.

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Standing Nude
Sigrid Uiga
Standing Nude
1956. Oil, canvas 43.5 x 26.5 cm (framed)
EARLIER ART CLASSICS - Saturday, May 14th 15:00 Haus Gallery 14.05.2022
1 800
Final price:
In the Evening
Sigrid Uiga
In the Evening
1953. Oil, canvas 63 x 74.2 cm (framed)
1 400
Final price: 1 500
(sold)"> (sold)Noorukid
Sigrid Uiga
1967. oil on canvas 89 x 67.5 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XVIII AUCTION autumn Haus Gallery 08.10.2015-30.11.1999
1 900
Final price: 1 900
(sold)"> (sold)Saaremaa
Sigrid Uiga
1969. Oil, cardboard 50 x 69 cm
HAUS GALLRY XIX ART AUCTION, 2006 autumn. Old Masters Painting Haus Gallery 24.10.2006
1 214
Final price: 1 214
(sold)"> (sold)Pirita
Sigrid Uiga
1960-1965. Oil, canvas 67 x 80 cm
HAUS GALLRY XIX ART AUCTION, 2006 autumn. Old Masters Painting Haus Gallery 24.10.2006
1 470
Final price: 1 470
Sigrid Uiga
1962. Oil on canvas 68 x 62 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIIIth ART AUCTION 2003 autumn Haus Gallery 23.10.2003
1 662
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Appearance in exhibitions

(sold)"> (sold)Kaarna järv II
Sigrid Uiga
Kaarna järv II
2004. watercolor vm 46.5 x 70.5 cm (not framed)
Haus Gallery 03.07.2007-10.08.2007
price: 671