Aleksander Mildeberg

1902 - 1977

Koer ja kassid. 1963

lino-cut. plm 18.8 x 23.4 cm (framed)
price 289

Aleksander Mildeberg "Koer ja kassid"

Animalistics has been one of the favourite subjects of figurative arts since the beginning of times. The reasons have been the most different ones: starting from the depiction of mythological creatures and ending with rustic environmental motifs. Aleksander Mildeberg, one of the most active graphical artists of the 1950ies and 1960ies, has clearly chosen the decorative way. Here the dog and cat symbolize everything positive and happy: warmth of home, cordiality, sincerity. Of smaller importance is not the skillfulness of the sheet, where the artist even more emphasizes with the open and impetuous line, characteristic to lino-cut, and the direct viability of the motif.

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Koer ja kassid
Aleksander Mildeberg
Koer ja kassid
1963. lino-cut plm 18.8 x 23.4 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XXI ART AUCTION 2007 autumn Old Masters Graphics and Drawings Haus Gallery 11.10.2007
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