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Haus Gallery

Estonian nature, cities and people

Haus Gallery dedicates the month of February to the Republic of Estonia and to Estonian art classics created in the early years of the Republic. The gallery also more broadly brings into sharp and appreciative focus the role of private collectors who value our artistic heritage and contribute to its preservation, often modestly deeming their own personalities unworthy of notice. Therefore, let the names of the owners/collectors of the works in this exhibition also remain unmentioned here. We are talking about the art collector as someone who has played a major role in history and whose private collections have given birth to some of the world’s most prestigious art museums.


Haus Gallery

Estonian Female Artist and Nature

Exuberance - a collection of exhilaratingly abundant and energetic feelings. This is how the word could be explained and how the exhibition in the Haus Gallery could be characterized, featuring 9 well-known Estonian female artists who, by painting nature, have intertwined today's experience with the primordial. Nature is the main theme of the exhibition works, but here it is more of a metaphor that marks the feminine side of the world more broadly - the quiet, glowing tones of warmth and protection, but also the elemental and indeterminacy flowing in a powerfully overflowing emotional color.


Haus Gallery


Only nine large-format works from Urmas Viik's new graphic art collection create a compellingly mystical atmosphere in Haus Galeri's velvet-black exhibition hall. The strange figures of the artist's self-mythological tribal foxes on a white paper surface intertwine animal and man, who meet on the common existential ground created by a primitive but subtle intellectual feeling - in a space where emotions of colors are dictated by the rhythms that arise in the viewer themselves, which are attractively provoked by the poses, glances and inner tensions of the tribal foxes.