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The series by Tiiu Pallo-Vaik seems, at first glance, a typical sample of abstract art: surface of the painting has been cleaned of recognisable objects, its linking to the outside is only stipulated and the whole meaning field of her work seems to be limited to stress peculiarities of pictorial art and express the artist\'s own world. Presumably, this is all true, but something should surely be added, something inevitable.

As the first addition, we could pay attention to Pallo -Vaik\'s creative life so far and we notice that she is, first and foremost a water-colour painter. When  taking a glance at her oil paintings after that, one can see that Pallo – Vaik has entered another genre, but taken her water-colour experience along. Ways, how she makes colours fuse, dissolves in water and creates wide horizontal trickles, refer clearly to her previous creation. True, oil painting is no novelty for the artist. Yet, one can say that skilful combination of oil and watercolour traditions in such a way is new.

Secondly, it seems there is always something inescapable in Pallo -Vaik\'s work. To be more exact, we often encounter subjects in her work that convince us, that someone or something is trying to penetrate through the coat of paint, to emerge. We can see a woman\'s face, proper features of which are just barely perceptive. In another picture we can spot a landscape object, which is disappearing at the very moment.

Yes, certainly, we need not interpret the penetration towards this direction: from inside of the painting to outside. It can well be a phenomenon, someone or something that is just stepping into the surface of the painting. Meaning, we can see the object for the last time, just a moment ago it was standing in front of the colours, but now is vanishing. Yes, this is obviously so: Pallo -Vaik does not show us desperate yearning to penetrate into this side of painting, but on the contrary, a quiet wish to leave for there. And the question that arises, when looking at  this, could be the substantial question of her work

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