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SEB Gallery 12.04.2006-19.05.2006


Selection of paintings from 2004 – 2006

At the personal exhibition of Riina Kivirüüt, a young painter, who has recently graduated from the Academy of Arts, have been exposed oil paintings of years 2004 – 2006, which belong to three different cycles – Journey of Man, Wildlife and abstract paintings.

Sub-title of the exhibition, “Life”, summarizes Kivirüüt’s responsible goal, which she has set herself while painting – to interpret life and world. One could ask, what can a young and unexperienced artist tell us of the world that is satiated by thoughts and ideas? We all seem to know, what we as men are like and how we behave. Still, the artist is able to surprise us in her personal manner, by her own vision of the world.

The author wants to address the viewer by her paintings, to remind him that man’s life is in constant motion and is constantly undergoing changes. In order to live a full life, man must continuously develop, strive towards his goals and cross obstacles on his road. If man becomes too lazy and does not move towards gis goals anymore, he could fall into a dark abyss or end up in a garbage disposal as a broken car. All this together forms man’s journey.
Kivirüüt is also worried about dangers and temptations, accompanying today’s constantly speeding and hectic life. She is calling the viewer upon consuming in a more moderate and wiser manner, but at the same time enjoying advantages, having been created by life and living a full life. The artist does not regard her aim to give answers with her paintings or to teach how and why to live or to give a moral lecture. She invites the viewer for a walk along the path she herself is walking. Paintings by Kivirüüt are characterized by painting in layers, through objects and with a firm texture. By adding new paint coats there emerges a surface that is the artist’s imagination of an ideal painting landscape. At the same time the artist’s creativity is not narrowed down by a strict manner of painting. At the present moment it seems right to paint in this manner, but she continues to test with different stylistic means and technologies.
Despite the partially gloomy and serious themes, Kivirüüt gives the viewer a ray of hope by using bright and light colours.
It is not an ordinary phenomenon that a young artist puts together a survey exhibitions of her works. Often this is caused by the fact that there actually is nothing to show. Riina Kivirüüt certainly has something to tell the viewer with her paintings.

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