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SEB Gallery 24.05.2006-07.07.2006


Olen Air Paintings

Colours, colours, colours ...

Painter Vladimir Baciu, being of Moldavian origin, but having been living in Estonia for more than twenty years, is known as a superb colourist. Just colours are the most important factor of Baciu’s paintings, they are the bearers of motifs and emotions. At the exhibition  “Vabaõhumaalid” (“Open Air Paintings”) the viewer seems to find himself on a carrousel: sketchily, but extremely intensively dash in front of ones eyes landscapes and cityscapes, the nature in its abundant beauty and streets in evening light. The general picture is colourful and emotional.

Open air painting is a genre which requires from the artist a very sharp eye, high emotional sensibility and brilliant skills. Painting directly in the nature or in a city street is the playground of an artists, possessing quick reaction and remarkable ability of generalization: lights change rapidly and large canvases have to be covered impetuously. Vladimir Baciu copes with all of this brilliantly – he is not scanty with expressive hues and smooth brush work and therefore his paintings radiate emotional play of colours and bold contrasts. Baciu could even be regarded the only modern Estonian impressionist, as he is mainly dealing with expressing and recording of a certain feeling which has been generated by a certain landscape motif. Impressionists tried to gather on a picture different impressions, having been caused by joint vibrations of light and air. The latter could of course be highly subjective, which in its turn emphasizes the artist’s freedom to handle colours, composition and line. The artist’s brilliance lies in the skill to make use of his freedom upon communication with motifs.

Vladimir Baciu seems to be one of the few romantic artistic souls on the modern Estonian artistic landscape, who by his nature originates from the period that dates back more than a century. This was the era when artists, carrying their painter’s box on their back, wandered along landscapes and absorbed into themselves the morning light and the sun at noon. This is the work, which can not be done without desire, and there is plenty of desire in Baciu’s paintings, in addition the chosen motifs are being spiced with his southern temperament. A water-meadow in the early morning, a bush in blossoms in the middle of an empty field, luscious peonies, charming seascapes, park which is turning yellow – these are just some of the selected motifs from Baciu’s fresh exhibition, which should bring at least a little bit of nature into the grey city centre and that at least in Baciu’s eyes are to such an extent  full of feelings and colours that it is impossible to miss it.

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