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Haus Gallery 15.01.2002-04.02.2002


2 x 2

One part of the exhibition is made up of the graphics of Kadi Kurema that is being exposed on the walls, the remaining part of the books, compiled of the artist\'s graphics by Külli Grünbach-Sein, or the artist\'s books.
Kadi Kurema (born in 1963) studied 1984-90 graphics in the Estonian State Art Institute, started to perform in exhibitions in 1987, 1996-99 was the Chairwoman of the Estonian Freelance Graphics\' Union, now is a freelance graphic.
Külli Grünbach-Sein (born in 1965) has graduated from the Estonian State Art Institute as leather artist, has worked in the leather art department of the EAA as a lecturer for 10 years, deals with the examination of the possibilities of the paper materials, teaches mainly at courses of historical and modern paper and binding techniques.
Kadi Kurema and Külli Grünbach-Sein have organised together the artist\'s book\'s exhibitions in 1997 in the Draakon Gallery and in 1998 in the National Library, have participated in the Artist\'s Book Triennal in Vilnius in 1997.
The notion \"artist\'s book\" is maybe not so well-known for our people, but the more exciting it is - it unites two creators and it is compiled more or less as described below:
Külli (who is a leather and binding artist) prepares hand-made papers. Kadi (who is a graphic artist) prints on them a graphic series. Together is compiled a book, where the biggest part lies always on the binding artist because of finding of the binding manner and form. The book also contains words, headings, sections of text that together with pictures form an artist\'s book.
At the exhibition \"2 x 2\" is exposed as the result of such collaboration \"The Great French Dictionary\", a small \"Dog Book\" in the English language, one binding with the poems of Doris Kareva and other pieces, each of them individual.
This way the books last longer, as they are fragile and become easily dirty because of their natural papers and specific ways of binding.
The artist\'s book must be gone through from the beginning to the end, then comes out its story with its beginning, contents and end. Such piece of art cannot be wrapped into foil or isolated under glass, as in such a case 90% remains hidden.
Besides the artist\'s books the framed estamped graphics of Kadi Kurema on the walls can be taken as ideas that have not been formed into new books. Also on these pieces the figures combine with words and sentences, that is a kind of manuscript, being single unfinished pages.
Contents of the graphic series of Kadi Kurema are feminine dreams, nostalgic memories and often self-ironic everyday experiences. In addition to the exhibition the artist\'s works are continuously exposed in the Gallery\'s permanent exhibition and on the homepage.

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