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SEB Gallery 12.04.2007-18.05.2007


UNIT : an individual re - decorating home

EXPRESSION : fragment of speech

I have an absolutely modern home - these old paintings do not suite me at all.

Where could I find such a modern thing that wouldn’t disturb me?

I need something long, above the sofa … and also something big. What do you think, shall we take these two ones?


Works of the present exhibition originate from outside painting, actually from rooms, where they will be placed. What kind of paintings would a contemporary modern room require or how to revive historical interiors without offending them?

This time there are being used simple, clear, beautiful things: clear rhythms and structures, joyful colours and man amidst all of it. These paintings are like peaceful, harmonious background music that goes well with minimalist room and as a fresh, light whiff also with abundant historical interior.

Abstract works are meant for using either horizontally on long wall surfaces or as high narrow stripes, if the room requires so.

The works are painted on canvas or board in a classical oil painting technique.


The paintings handle by the means of a trendy form and picturesque colours THE RELATION OF ERROR AND SYSTEM. The seeming good states of things are being nice and soothing, but are things actually OK?

Andro Kööp has translated in this project the picturesque and colourful manner of expression, being characteristic to him, into an all-embracing matrix. A number of questions remain unanswered: Do we need exactly such systems for a happy existence or do the systems use us for persistence? Until there are no answers, the visible part seems alluring and desirable.


An error is a system-related phenomenon. If there is no system, there never exists an error.

An error points to us the existence of the system, which we otherwise would never have been aware of.

If the error is concealed, it can be found only by knowing the system well.

“An error” can also be a component or aim of the system, not an error.

An error can add value to a system – the authenticity and value of a diamond without any structural errors is doubtful.

If it seems that something is wrong – most probably then it is so, even though we can not see what is wrong or what are the reasons.

If we understood the system, we would know it immediately.



An error could become the source of a change, from here could be born a new beginning …

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