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SEB Gallery 23.05.2007-06.07.2007


Can one find his happiness in the land behind the rainbow?


Can an artist be happy?


Why is the light so very important for an artist? Isn’t the light such factor that brings out dark colours and broken hues? And isn’t it the gloomy weather, because of what the artist is living in Berlin?


Why is he looking for the motifs for his paintings from the Internet and is restless, when he can not accomplish it immediately? Do these motifs come from old films or from the “Pravda” of the Soviet period?


Why do we start thinking of Michael Haneke or David Lynch?


Is it in to paint after a photo?


Why does the artist want to paint a battle scene as Otto Dix did? Or why does he paint it like a cinema poster? Or like a second-hand experience from a porn magazine?


Why does not the artist use live models for depicting of his ideas?


Why does he paint new pictures from the old ones?

Won’t these pictures one day break free from stuffed dreams?


Are his models from art history Masaccio/Mantegna or rather Caspar David Friedrich?


Why are in his studio hanging postcards of the works by pre-Raffaelites, Vermeer, Feuerbach and Richter?


Why do his works always have their titles in Latin?


What would works be without frames, voices without echoes? Nights without the sleepless?


Where is this rainbow and the land behind the rainbow and where can be heard songs about such land?



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