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Haus Gallery 26.02.2002-18.03.2002


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Mari Roosvalt and Tiiu Pallo-Vaik, lecturers of the Art Academy of considerable length of teaching service, who have always considered their creative aspirations and means of expression close, expose together for the first time at a joint exhibition.
Both artists expose series of water-colours, neglecting the academic way of using of the technique. Habitually we see water-colours usually in small formats, being set into a frame and a passe-partout under glass.
But Mari Roosvalt and Tiiu Pallo-Vaik use large formats and have fastened the water-colour paper similarly to oil painting on a frame. The soft line of water-colours combines in the format and formation of oil painting in the pictures with the collage elements, creating in addition to the contextual perfection of the works also a technically original art experiment.
On the abstract composition of Mari Roosvalt the painted motifs of nature blend with the photo fractions, taken by the author herself. In her works Roosvalt continues the theme of relationship of chaos and order of the world, started in oil paintings by her already some years ago, using the softness, directness and emotionality of the water-colour technique.
Besides the emotional abstractions that are presented under titles \"Bouquet\", \"Between the earth and the sky\", etc., Tiiu Pallo-Vaik paints the reminiscent architecture of Venice and Rome, dispersing realistic elements into the painting background. On large-format, extraordinary water-colour paintings the colour is for the professional an artistic means, with which she expresses her sensitive relationship towards the surroundings.
Two contemporaries, being in the command of the academic basis of painting, surprise exhibition visitors with the creative searching courage of mature artists. The similar, sublimated world vision of two artists and its feminine soft way of expression creates an emotional integrate of the exhibition, the atmosphere of which carries the viewer away already from the very first sight.

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