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Haus Gallery 19.03.2002-08.04.2002


PAINTINGS 2001 - 2002

Siim-Tanel Annus, starting to participate at exhibitions in 1976 as a young and talented 16-year-old, won the attention of the public in the 80ies with professional, strong, suggestive performances, being rich in figures and symbols. Being of the most versatile artists, Annus is also recognised as the creator of graphic art and paintings in mixed techniques.
The creative nature of Annus is in continuous search. In his pieces he tries to touch indifference through himself with extraordinary technical means. The artist\'s paintings are object-free worlds, the motifs of which hint on being picked from the nature. Mountains, rising as bodies with plane faces, the background of which is the sky, perceptional places and objects that as being carried by whirlwinds could stretch out in time and space, anywhere, mirage-like colour and light solutions, varying from pure white to pitch black...
With all of this the artist tries to refer to the connection of human senses with pre-historic experience, the subconcious heritage of which might be even more real that the one that we can touch at the moment.
While painting both on the canvas and cardboard, the author\'s mixed technique plays its own role in the creation of Annus. The artist experiments in his paintings with different materials and colours and works more with fingers that with a brush. Surfaces of his paintings are raised, forrows and lines that have been pressed and scratched into them have been made by hand sweeps. The textures create the initial idea of the painting that is visible in the form of a skeleton. Layers of paint are added to the raised surface, reacting and joining differently with each other - like enamel and acryl, bringing into the author\'s creation unexpected accidental solutions. Such kind of technical casualty is of great importance in the author\'s compositions. Still the technique has at expressing of the artist\'s idea only the role of means.
In the exhibition that is opened at the Haus Gallery is exposed the latest creation of Siim-Tanel Annus. An experiment, which was started by the author last autumn. Majority of paintings are in mixed technique, combining so the best traits of Annus as a painter and graphic artist and acquainting the artist from a new angle that can be characterised as fresh in searching.

For those, having followed the creation of Annus, the current exhibition should offer pleasant surprises, for exhibition visitor, who does not know him so well it should offer new discoveries.

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