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Haus Gallery 28.07.2009-04.09.2009

Rähni street

Isn’t it a peculiar name for an exhibition – Rähni (Woodpeckers) Street? Commonplace on one hand yet symbolic on the other hand, the name is fully explainable. It is just that two artists have the same relationship with the same room on the same street. Illimar Paul and Tiit Jaanson have walked along Rähni Street at Tondi for years but at different times, following each other, in order to end up side by side in the same exhibition hall. 

There was a studio on Rähni Street where both the artists worked. Although at the time when Illimar Paul started participating in exhibitions (in 1969) Tiit Jaanson was only 8 years old. But art doesn’t care about the differences between generations. Time does not alienate the language of art’s colours and means from those who know it. In art dialogues can be created despite everything that may be their obstacle in business or everyday life.

So – about the dialogue between the two artists from Rähni Street: 
both authors have put their latest works on display – Illimar Paul presents the recently completed series of linocuts called „Variants“ and Tiit Jaanson presents his new oil paintings in mixed technique. Regardless of the seemingly very different way of expression both artists are bound by certain spiritual closeness, expressed first of all in great love towards abstract art and in the courage to experiment with the means of graphics and painting. Tiit Jaanson’s new painting cycle where he has knowingly kept the colouring lighter, reminds us of the nostalgic years at the beginning of 1980ies at Rähni Street. In his paintings he has used personal items dating back to that time – by giving them a more general revived dimension now he is searching for the roots of his own abstract art. Illimar Paul has chosen coloured linocut as his technique which, according to his words, gives the best opportunity for creating visual verses, memories and music.

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