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ArtDepoo 29.09.2009-24.10.2009


On Tuesday, 29 September at 7 pm the exhibition of Eda Lõhmus’s paintings called “Post-Landscapes” will be opened in Art Depoo

The young, yet already widely recognized artist from Tartu presents her Master of Arts’ course’s graduation work* to Tallinn public.

Art-critic Eero Epner:

"This exhibition makes one go back to the basic question for a moment: what do we need the art of painting for?

Indeed, what for? Does it help us to conciliate divorced parents (Jürgen Rooste)? Does it make home repairs for us, lose weight for us, bring food on the table, help to deal with grief? Do our lives somehow change for better after we have seen the meter by two canvas painted by someone? Let’s be honest: a painting can’t do that.

Eda Lõhmus’s paintings have stayed in the focus of interest for the last decade or so. Lõhmus’s creative work, unchanged in its core, has been described as feminine, gentle, soft, beautiful, sensitive… - you get the picture already. In the case of such paintings the question what do we need art for seems to be already answered. It helps to bring beauty into our world. Create poetry. Convey tender feelings. And so on.

Yet it seems that Eda Lõhmus’s paintings may be necessary:
-    if you sit in a hosiery shop of a tiny East-European town and have been selling stockings for thirty years in a row then Lõhmus’s paintings might inspire you to believe that there is more to life and that you may be part of it
-    if you happen to have good times in your life then Lõhmus’s paintings tell you that everything is temporary, yet that there may be beauty in temporariness itself
-    if you come to a lake or just wander in the woods then you might remember Lõhmus’s paintings that would tell you that this lake is not just a lake – and the forest is not just a forest. It’s something like listening to classical music from earphones while walking along a street
-    if you read good poetry and ponder what has been on the author’s mind, you might also take a glimpse at the wall, just for a moment
-    if you are fed up with everyday trouble it would be pointless to look at Lõhmus’s paintings. Everyone’s trouble is their own concern
-    if you think what next then you should stand in front of Lõhmus’s paintings for some time. It is comforting to see that some painted canvases, metre by two, can think about the same things
-    if your feel unsteady then if you concentrate enough you can find certain security in Lõhmus’s paintings, which is something like sitting in the middle of the town square wearing a mask and no-one can bother you
-    and then sometimes one might dwell upon that the question what do we need the art of painting for has as much point as what do we need weights, buttons, discounts and all the other affairs for? If anyone can answer those questions then the art of painting should be considered as well."

Eda Lõhmus about her creative work:
"Landscape as always an observation of an observer referring back to oneself, anyone’s eternal self-observation.
Post-landscape as an already subjectised material, open for next (self-)observations.
An observation is always a post-observation.
Yet a post as just a post, a landscape as just a landscape, the subjective result of someone’s (self-)observation.
Any post as an element of any landscape, i.e. any observation.
An exhibition as any marker on an artist’s journey."

The Resonabilis will perform at the opening; Torres wines will contribute to the proper mood.
The exhibition will be open until 24 October.

* Eda Lõhmus' MA advisor is Jaan Elken

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