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Haus Gallery 17.11.2009-23.12.2009

Young Lapin

Haus Gallery hosts Leonhard Lapin’s one-man exhibition “Young Lapin“ displaying works from his extensive artistic production that were completed in 1967–1970 and have not been introduced to the public until now. It’s a step back in history from those works from the 1970ies that were displayed here in 2007 and were more distinctly characterized by pop art.

In the second half of the 1960ies Lapin already knowingly, after moving to Tallinn, started to deal with modern art and experimented with various different types, styles and techniques, including performance art and poetry. The current exhibition is mostly dominated by surrealistic works although one can feel here the influence of pop art. Yet we don’t find copies of world art here; the artist has rather freely interpreted the images of his inspiration.

Some of the works of the 1970ies were made together with Sirje Runge, his life companion at the time – imprints of women’s lingerie dipped in colour and cast on paper to the sound of beat music – things that the author has also used in his later work. In the era of technological art it is refreshing to glimpse back to the time when it was hard to obtain even a coffee grinder and where handicraft and self-made things ruled; and considering the author’s spontaneous creative work in the recent years, also revealing the sources of Lapin’s creative work.


The exhibition will be open until 23 December.


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