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SEB Gallery 08.08.2002-09.09.2002



According to the New York Times Index commencement for New York
<br>University was either on the 5th or 6th of June. The write up on the
<br>commencement was on the 6th. Services were held at Washington Square
<br>Park. I hope this helps!

With this exhibition searches the artist, who is currently active as an interior designer, first of all an answer to the question, how a piece of art should look in a modern interior. Does a minimalistic room of glass, metal and white walls require an original supplement in the form of a piece of art? Should it be a serious oil painting, regarded high-quality art according to all conventions or just a spectacular spot of paint? Where anyway runs the line between the two beforementioned?
As a challenge on the topic of art as a decorative element Andro Kööp has created a number of decorative painting as potential objects for ultra modern rooms. By basing the works on effects, the author still remains honest in his internal views, expressing in the pictures his artistic mind.
Materials and as if self-creative compositions, used at the exhibition by Kööp seem unconventional for a regular exhibition visitor. The works are on high technical level, being made on metal plates. The paintings are made in nail varnish.
The artist himself comments on his creation and the used material:
\'While creating such work I have the Oriental attitude, according to which is evaluated life and essence of the material itself. The Chinese can explore endlessly the space, its sinuosities, shine and mysticism that have been captured into a piece of amber. A lot of information can be acquired, if you can look at the universality that cas been encoded by the nature into small objects.
My everyday work is creation of interiors.
For example it is difficult to fit into a modern interior objects of art of historic background, especially paintings. They originate from a different era, when they had a different meaning. Today\'s simple, minimalistic rooms require something that tells us less and are more undefined in order to fit changing moods. Big, empty, square rooms are just sometimes balanced by a spot of colour.
Every picure tells me itself, how it would like to look like. My function is to be understanding and complaisant and to accomplish it the way it wants to be accomplished.
It is seeking adventures in one\'s own internal space that sometimes can be a very systematic, but sometimes a highly emotional activity.
My picures are like different galaxies in myself, I just examine and paint them\'.

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