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Haus Gallery 06.01.2010-12.02.2010


"The exhibition’s subject that I explore is everydayness. All pictures depict people. Insignificant joys, insignificant troubles that may be ridiculous but in some sense determine our existence. Petty problems keep man going as they are so handy for replacing big problems.

My creative work has always been about one of the antipodes. My one ideal has been the art of painting that is based on aestheticism and picturesque enjoyment of colour. Yet at the same time I have always created works seeking certain tension, certain painfulness that in my opinion is the characteristic tune of the world today. Here I do not mean the great dramatic pain that has always been present through the existence of humankind. Recently I have become interested in that certain dull pain, the little sting, the slight shift that feels more like discomfort constantly accompanying the modern man and has become so natural and ordinary that it is not noticed any more. But that’s what steals the verve and joy from our era. It is that mini-burn that I have tried to explore with the current display. The pictures presented at this exhibition also belong to that group of “reduced aestheticism” of my creative work."


Enn Põldroos

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