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Haus Gallery 11.05.2010-18.06.2010

The Artist’s Skin on a Young Dog

As the name of the exhibition suggests, the author, close to her birthday, has in retrospect found connections between herself and her creative work with James Joyce’s novel “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man” and Dylan Thomas’s collection of stories “ Portrait of and Artist as a Young Dog”. 


Maria-Kristiina Ulas:
„What changes as time passes? I started to draw my own face. Familiar eyes, the hooknose –  but the more finishing touches I gave the more I started to see resemblance with my dog’s expression. Faces blend together – nose becomes striped, ears grow hairy. Expressions become thoughts and thoughts become grimaces. Somewhere far behind my back sounds the hum of childhood’s smelling fears. Days flash by. A week gone at a blow. And another one. Earlier time fades, loses its shine and lustre. Permanent sleep swallows the days dying away. Sweet sensual dream pours into the twists of night and day. I move along the copper-coloured line somewhere between the faces of my little me. The funny colourful speckled skin of the artist. The alert shining eyes of the young dog. When hope arises, shrill yelping is heard and a whistle chorus fills the ears. Oversize hope feeds the gentle retrospective longing that might take the line to travel from the paths of thick striping to the possibilities of clear imagination. I jump tirelessly like a jumping-jack if anyone cares to pull the strings. I throw cones to the dog and watch it leap. Fresh spring rain murmurs in the rain pipes and time has no taste as even fear fades and loses its edge. A day of killing time is worth more than a thousand active seconds. Crush time by drawing and drawing.
The Artist.



The exhibition will be open until 18 June.

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