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ArtDepoo 02.07.2010-31.07.2010


Since 2 July ArtDepoo gallery one can enjoy the joint exhibition of Andres Koort and Sven Saag, called "Paintings".
Sven Saag (born in 1968) has studied the art of painting in Tartu University. The focus of his creative approach often lies not in the application of new information onto the canvas but rather in achieving the result by scraping off different layers of paint.
Eha Komissarov about Sven Saag’s paintings:
"Saag’s urge to paint is inseparably connected with surfaces of uncertain origin scratched coarse to a desired extent, onto which thin, half-faded and airy layers of paint appear like a mirage. The painter’s feel of life is sufficiently sunny to keep the viewer away from the distressed messages of his outcast materials; he never hints at any garbage-aesthetics.
Sven Saag speaks about his painting work in a very traditional manner, assessing his painting purely from the point of view of the painting process".

Andres Koort (born in 1969) graduated from Tallinn Academy of Arts having specialized in stage design, and studied painting at Academia Minerva in Holland. The density and spaciousness and the emphasized depth of his works are essential to his paintings.
Vano Allsalu about the art of Andres Koort:
"In fact Koort follows the footsteps of Kristjan Raud. Raud, of course, is more angular in form and warmer in nature – reminding the feeling when you lean against the log wall of an old farmhouse that the sun has faded pale. And you get teary-eyed when you hear the gentle nightingale singing. Koort does not convey that longing for the past. Altogether, he doesn’t seem to be a man who would ever be somehow "off the hinges". If you have a longer look at his paintings then the feeling is similar to that at the end of Kubrick’s "2001: Space Odyssey". According to the artist a moment captures everything that has been and is yet to come. Well, doesn’t that include an equal amount of threat as well as consolation? And everything is in balance..."

The exhibition will be open until Saturday, 31 July.

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