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ArtDepoo 01.12.2010-15.01.2011


ArtDepoo, the gallery of young and contemporary art will end this year with an exhibition called “GIRL POWER“.


The exhibition consists of the works of eleven female artists, whose common characteristic is the cooperation with ArtDepoo. 


We attempt to interpret the question whether gender determines the outcome of art. Does a piece of art reflect of which gender is its author – male or female? Can the female artists' mode of expression be recognised through the characteristics that are stereotypically associated with a woman, or not? Can it be perceived upon entering the exhibition hall that the pictures are painted by women? Are there any indefinable subconscious vibrations that make the viewer sense the female energy?


“Girl Power“ is an expression that evokes quite different associations. Which, and how?!


For some there is something intrusive about it, for some it's full of power, for some there's something inexplicably mysterious that has its effect through everything rational. There are women whom we pass by indifferently and there are women whom we maybe cannot pass by. There are works of art that make us shrug our shoulders and works of art that we can't take our eyes off.


The paintings of eleven female painters on the walls of ArtDepoo give rise to various emotions but none of them should leave the viewer indifferent, none of those eleven should be passed by indifferently.


So let's relate to art through the eyes of female painters, with a definite knowledge that the choices have been made based on gender, and let's think whether art as such is different or still the same. Whether a creator has gender or does the creator genderlessly express something hidden from our eyes while always and solely being a creator.


How do our female painters deliberate on that topic can be read in the exhibition hall. Upon the gallery’s request each of them has put the brush aside for a moment and put down her thoughts and self determinations – letters as fragments that can be read next to the paintings during the exhibition.


Exhibition will be opened until January 15th.

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