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Haus Gallery 01.11.2016-05.12.2016

Ivika Luisk


On Tuesday, 1 November at 17.00, Ivika Luisk’s personal exhibition “Spacious” will open at Haus Gallery, in which the artist reflects and shares emotions driven by nature and being in the moment.

“The title of the exhibition, “Spacious”, came to me some time ago, reappearing every now and again as a solution, as an answer,” said Ivika Luisk, explaining how she connects the word with a liberating experience. This experience that creates feelings of spaciousness has been offered by nature, by living in harmony with it and acting on your gut instincts. Luisk endeavours, as a counterbalance to all of the hurrying that surrounds us, to create spaciousness within ourselves, expand the time. “From time to time one has to be able to stop and take notice of the essence of the moment, the space surrounding it.”

The exhibition displays the ideas accumulated by the artist over the past three years and pictures painted over a period of a year and a half, all consistently characterised by her unique style of painting. Large formats, bold use of colour, simple, clear and clean solutions of form are equally as good in their essence, too: cleanliness and clarity, human warmth, a balanced relationship with nature, and inner harmony.

Ivika Luisk (1969) is a Bachelor’s (1995) and Master’s (1998) graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts, having majored in painting and monumental painting. In addition to painting, she also provides art for films by Nukufilm Studio; she has been taking part in exhibitions since 1989. Haus Gallery and Ivika Luisk are united in their consistent cooperation; personal exhibitions of the artist were organised in the years 2002, 2007 and 2011.

The exhibition will remain on display in Haus Gallery until 5 December 2016.

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