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Haus 2 09.11.2016-14.12.2016

Estonian Painters´ Association

White Water

At 18.00 on Wednesday, 9 November, Haus Gallery will be opening the exhibition White Water by the Estonian Painters’ Association. This exhibition is the continuation of long-term cooperation between the Gallery and the Association; the topic also ties in with the celebration of the Year of Maritime Culture.

The motifs of 48 painters, on the subject of water in different water bodies, are on display at Haus Galerii. The focus is on the depiction and shaping of water as “matter” with painting-technical means such as different angles, close shots and other effects. The goal is to give new life to the subject-matter of marine paintings, using modern techniques and visions.

The works of the artists represented at the exhibition are, to an extent, united by the use of the colour white and a similar motif; however, they are all rendered unique by the individuality of each artist. The Estonian title Valge Vesi is a translation of the English name White Water. White Water forms when air penetrates the water and the so-called aerated tide is created. The foamy water turns white.
In emotional terms, it is an exhibition that carries in itself a certain degree of inner unrest or tranquillity, thus creating a picture of dominant moods for the viewer. The colour white and water, reflected in the title of the exhibition, are both strong symbols. The colour white symbolises, among other things, truth, simplicity and respect, but also cold and emptiness. Tranquillity is associated with water, but also with an inner strength that can destroy everything in its path.

Artists represented at the exhibition:
Anne Parmasto, Valeri Vinogradov, Philiph Arvo Luik, Herlet Elvisto, Jaan Elken, Per William Petersen, Andrus Rõuk, Saskia Järve, Maria Sidljarevitš, Marta Stratskas, A-KRISTRING, Mari Roosvalt, Erki Kasemets, Mauri Gross, Mall Nukke, Vano Allsalu, Jüri Arrak, Ivi Arrak, Rauno Thomas Moss, Maarit Murka, Uno Roosvalt, Rait Rosin, Peeter Kaasik, Lilian Mosolainen, Piret Rohusaar, Andro Kööp, Sirje Petersen, Epp Viires, Valev Sein, Riina Kivirüüt, Andres Koort, Maret Kuura, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Piret Kullerkupp, Pille Ernesaks, Elo-Mai Mikelsaar, Kristiina Pärk, Tiiu Pallo Vaik, Kai-Mai Olbri, Karin Strohm, Tiina Tammetalu, Lea Tomson, Anatoli Strahhov, Ove Büttner, Heli Tuksam, Andrus Raag, Lii Pähkel, Ivika Luisk.

The curator of the exhibition is Saskia Järve.
The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

The exhibition White Water will remain on display in Haus Gallery until 14 December 2016.

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