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Haus Gallery 09.01.2019-05.02.2019

Christel Allik

Random Balance

On Wednesday, 9 January at 17.00, Haus Gallery will open the personal exhibition of Christel Allik "Random balance", in which the author expresses herself in an even more abstract and contrasting way.

Painting is a form of reassurance for Christel. "My muse and source of inspiration is nature with its rhythms and voices – rumbling, whispers, crackling, silence. Nature with its peace, certainty and order but also with unrest, change and unexpectedness. Every moment has its harmony, everything feels right. When I look through my observations layer by layer, I can reach for balance but also move away from it. Moving away from balance, the constant emergence of new questions, breaking harmony, balancing between beauty and rapidity – is it so or otherwise?

Searching for balance is a natural part of painting but it is more of a subconscious activity. I am instead consciously following a compositional line or image which is in me at that moment, a topic I am trying to solve, a desire for balance on the background at the same time – it is affecting me in its own course a little bit. The image, which has once appeared in a fragile, almost random way, not in the sought balance, can fall out after a few brush strokes and the next point of harmony is already different. So – the balance lasts as if in one moment which is sometimes difficult to let go of." At her new exhibition, the author has tried to stop in a moment on the canvas where there is most hope for this random balance.

Christel Allik graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1996 where she specialised in textile, she is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association, at the moment she is a freelance artist, she has been actively participating in exhibitions since 1995.

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