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Haus Gallery 02.05.2019-01.06.2019


The Meaning of Life

On Thursday, 2 May at 18.00, the personal exhibition of Andrus Joonas “The Meaning of Life” will be opened at Haus Gallery, where the paintings of recent years are exhibited and a performance will take place.

These are mostly authorial paintings, where the performance art carried out in the global space reaches a flat reality through painting. There are also just descriptions of conditions (“Rehabilitation at Pärnu Hospital“ and mystical realism (“The Meaning of Life = 111”). Since 2000, Joonas has used an abstract concept which, in his estimation, is ideal for the present and which he also exhibited at the first Aledoia painting set in 2001 at Raatuse Gallery in Tallinn.

The author's message begins with a question. “What should one do when a high-tech post-modern media society is set as a goal? A quiet but tenacious mechanism of displacement of representative democracy that excludes all deviations. A simulation of a society which, despite the amount of details, is rather a picturesque and conventional mass consciousness.

As modernism is a finished project, it would be useful to deconstruct the myths, as would the various technologies that ensure unintentional political and social engagement. The mannerism cultivated by the apocalypse is canonised in modern discourse subjectively and amicably.” What should one do then? The answer is Aledoia.

At the opening of the exhibition, the performance “The Meaning of Life” will take place from the group SRA (Suuresilla People’s Liberation Army) composed of artist Andrus Joonas and writer Indrek Koff. The group was founded 30 years ago at Pärnu County, Suuresilla, in a sauna. The purpose was to improve the world through culture. The group also has a third member, Priit Annus, who has moved into politics and business to meet army goals. This is the group's first public outburst, and in the background systems, it has always been active.

The exhibition of Andrus Joonas “The Meaning of Life” will remain open at Haus Gallery until 1 June.

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