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Haus Gallery 06.12.2019-04.01.2020

Mall Nukke

Metamorphoses. Mall Nukke's jubilee exhibition

”Metamorphoses are changes, distortions, transitions. Something turns into something. Paintings depict trivial living environments and symbols of eternity. This exhibition is a retrospective and ironic illustration of time running its course..."

"What gets left behind from us after our physical demise? A lifeless sculpture? A metaphysical reflection of things that we have touched? A bodyless being on Facebook? A play with a moment and with eternity, sad-ironic, meaningless-transient. All turns into nothing.

Nature – including human as part of nature – becomes something artificial, the latter being unfortunately permanent. Existing and non-existing are the basics in the circle of life. Every beginning is an end and every end could become a new beginning. A meteorite could strike a vivacious planet, crushing the previous life there and creating some new. Worlds disappear, supernova explosions in deep space have destructive power. But every dash of dust that gets ejected could by chance become a new start. Or it might not.

This exhibition is both a forward-looking and backward-looking view on the state of things in their own deeper universe. I feel that right now, on the
occasion of turning 55, it is the time and chance do the viewing.”

– artist Mall Nukke, 11 November 2019

Mall Nukke (b. 1964) is a printmaker, painter and installation artist, whose oeuvre have undercurrents of photorealism, pop art and irony. Nukke, who graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in 1992 as a printmaker, is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association, Estonian Painters’ Association and The Association of Estonian Printmakers.
She has held solo exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, and she has participated in group exhibitions around the world. The artist’s works have been acquired by Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum, Viinistu Art Museum, Rauma City Museum in Finland, the Sadolin Art Collection, Vexi Salmi’s art collection and Nef Gallery in Kiev.

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