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Haus Gallery 18.06.2021

René Kari

Erotical Landscapes

Rene Kari's creations are delicate and clean. Elaborate geometric shapes hide erotic undertones.

Compositions that appear as abstract landscapes allow you to get a glimpse of body lines that intertwine, form, merge and disappear on painting surfaces.

Rene Kari's work is characterized by refined aesthetics. Kari started participating in exhibitions in the mid-1970s, first dedicated to painting. A few years later, however, Rene Kari began a body project carrying Hellenistic beauty ideals, which has now become his art of living. The now 70-year-old Rene Kari has created an ideal figure of his own body in his lifetime, which he himself says: "I was 24 when I decided to shape myself after an ancient sculpture. I reached my top form at the age of 57, so 33 years later. My goal was not a sporting achievement, but an aesthetic appearance. To embody a work of art!"

According to Kari this is the longest art project in the world that has lasted the lifetime of one person. In his opinion, this whole process can also be seen as an anthropological research on how long a person can look toned and unchanging.

Kari's attitude towards his body is equivalent to his attitude towards painting. In both directions the author strives for the perfection of forms. In the body project the artist's tool is his own male body, whereas in paintings the author focuses on the womanly figure. In the eyes of the artist, the ultimate perfection of beauty is embodied in feminine forms. Today, Kari has become a contemporary classic within Estonian modern art whose creative signature is clearly distinguishable.

Rene Kari's works at the Haus Gallery exhibition come from various private collections as well as the artist's own collection, the oldest from the 1990s and the newest recently completed. The exhibition will remain open in the gallery until August 14th 2021. 

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