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Haus Gallery 21.11.2023


SINCE 1997

A selection of works by artists with whom we have been collaborating since the beginning of time, and whose work has become an indisputable part of our image, are exhibited on the upper floor hall of Haus Gallery.

There are certainly more artists to list in the context of the Gallery’s birthday month, but in order to make a selection, we present the following list of creators from the Estonian modern art classics at this exhibition:

Jüri Arrak, Toomas Vint, Andres Tolts, Mare Vint, Jaan Elken, Paul Allik, Anne Parmasto, Uno Roosvalt, Mari Roosvalt, Leonhard Lapin, Juss Piho, Rein Kelpman, Malle Leis, Tõnis Vint, Enn Põldroos, Rene Kari, Siim-Tanel Annus

The exhibition creates rhythms and moods on a timeline, with the first works created in the 1990s, when the Gallery started its activities, moving through a couple of decades to the present day. While Toomas Vind’s recent painting is on display, symbolising the endurance of years of collaboration, looking out into the bright, summer landscape of 2023, in his characteristic style, the oil painting of Jüri Arrak, “Shadows on the Wall”, was completed in 1991, the year of the pivotal changes in Estonian politics and economy that made the creation of private entrepreneurship more broadly possible.

And so the exhibition moves with the art and the Gallery from the 1990s to the present day, dwelling on different moments in time, colours, forms, ideas and also memories that link the Gallery to these artists and their works, artists whose work has presented itself so convincingly in this cultural space that the names are as familiar as their creative handwriting – without seeing the name, we feel the image, and seeing the image, we have a hunch of the name.... Haus Gallery is grateful to all those renowned artists who are still with us throughout the walls of today’s exhibition hall.

Curator: Piia Ausman

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Shadows on the Wall V
Jüri Arrak Shadows on the Wall V 1991. Oil, canvas 70 x 110 cm (framed) price 13 000
Creation III
Leonhard Lapin Creation III 1973-2015. Serigraphy 40 x 40 cm (framed) price 1 900
Flowers LXXVII
Malle Leis Flowers LXXVII 1978. Serigraphy Km 52.5 x 52.5 cm (framed) price 1 200
Flowers LXXXIX
Malle Leis Flowers LXXXIX 1983. Serigraphy 5/52 Km 25 x 25 cm (framed) price 900
Flowers XCII
Malle Leis Flowers XCII 1983. Serigraphy 2/48 Km 25 x 25 cm (framed) price 900
Half a Lemon for You
Anne Parmasto Half a Lemon for You 2002. Oil, canvas 93 x 72 cm (not framed)
Juss Piho Bouquet 2022. Oil, canvas 70 x 50 cm (not framed)
Elementary Particles
Juss Piho Elementary Particles 2023. Oil,canvas 50 x 40 cm (not framed)
Mari Roosvalt Contrast 1989. Oil, canvas 130 x 98 cm (framed)
Uno Roosvalt Viinistu 2007. Pencil, paper Vm 82.5 x 103.5 cm (framed) price 3 100
Uno Roosvalt Three 2017. Oil, acrylic, canvas 120 x 100 cm (not framed)
(sold)Cities of the Past
Mare Vint Cities of the Past 2004. Serigraphy 63 x 63 cm (framed)
Little Fairies 12/85
Tõnis Vint Little Fairies 12/85 1982. Letterpress Km 26.7 x 18.5 cm (framed) price 1 600
Tõnis Vint Fluidums 1985. Ink, gouache Km 24 x 22 cm (framed) price 3 500
Eagle's Lover
Jüri Arrak Eagle's Lover 1990. Serigraphy 65/100 Vm 31 x 37 cm (framed) price 1 900
Jüri Arrak Message 1997. Serigraphy 107/200 Vm 37 x 44 cm (framed) price 2 400
Cold Bloody Precise Spacial Machine II
Leonhard Lapin Cold Bloody Precise Spacial Machine II 1972-2018. Serigraphy 62 x 60 cm (framed) price 1 900
Cold Bloody Precise Spacial Machine I
Leonhard Lapin Cold Bloody Precise Spacial Machine I 1972-2018. Serigraphy 62 x 60 cm (framed) price 1 900
Exercise in Presence
Rein Kelpman Exercise in Presence 2023. Oil, acrylic, mixed media, canvas 50 x 70 cm (not framed) price 3 200
Andres Tolts Botany 1968. Gouache, paper Lm 56.5 x 38.5 cm (framed)
Tecture XIX
Andres Tolts Tecture XIX 2004. Acrylic, wood 80 x 30 cm (not framed)
Tecture XVIII
Andres Tolts Tecture XVIII 2004. Acrylic, wood 80 x 30 cm (not framed) price 4 200
Tecture XX
Andres Tolts Tecture XX 2004. Acrylic, wood 80 x 30 cm (not framed)
(sold)The Show
Enn Põldroos The Show 1992. Oil, masonite 124 x 65 cm (framed)
(sold)From the Series
Siim-Tanel Annus From the Series "Genesis" 2023. Author's technique, canvas on wooden board 83 x 125 cm (not framed)
(sold)The View III
Toomas Vint The View III 2023. Oil on canvasboard 40 x 50 cm (framed)
Nude with Green Hair
Paul Allik Nude with Green Hair 1991. Oil, canvas 132 x 88 cm (not framed) price 12 000
Paul Allik Disappointed 1990. Oil, canvas 95 x 120 cm (not framed)
Paul Allik Game 2000. Acrylic, mixed media, canvas 40 x 30 cm (not framed) price 2 400
Play On Silver II
Paul Allik Play On Silver II 2000. Acrylic, canvas 40 x 30 cm (not framed) price 2 400
Play on Silver III
Paul Allik Play on Silver III 2000. Acrylic, canvas 40 x 30 cm (not framed) price 2 400
Venice V
Jaan Elken Venice V 2019-2021. Acrylic, collage on canvas on 100 x 80 cm (not framed) price 3 800
Glacier II
Jaan Elken Glacier II 2022. Acrylic, collage, canvas 120 x 150 cm (not framed) price 7 500
(sold)RK VII / Fragment nr 10
René Kari RK VII / Fragment nr 10 2023. Oil, masonite 110 x 110 cm (framed)
Mare Vint Mountain 1991. Litography Km 40 x 38.5 cm (framed)